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105 Safety Products Industrial Supplies and Expertise Safety Series Group Lock Box Captured key storage device for effective lockout of large equipment. Effective alternative to requiring each authorized lockout team member to place one of their personal safety locks at every lockout point in the system. The Group Lock Box allows for each lockout point to be secured with just one designated lock. The accompanying keys are then captured by placing them in the Group Lock Box. Features: authorized employee re-energized, until all workers have removed their locks from the box Order No. Mfr. No. Height (in) Depth (in) Width (in) Net Price MA101952759 498A 6 3 3/4 9 1/4 $64.94 Adjustable Cable Lockout Features: pull tight cable adjusts for a secure fit every time multiple circuit breaker panel and side-by-side gate valve lockouts insulated with a clear plastic coating (PVC free) locked out, then back through the lockout body Order No. Mfr. No. Color Shackle Size (in) Cable Length (in) Cable Dia. (in) Net Price MA105538046 S806 Red 5/16 6 5/32 $23.40 Lockout Hasp Features: scenarios hasp resistance Color: Red Material: Anodized Aluminum Jaw Dia.: 1.05 in Shackle Dia.: 9/32 in Order No. Mfr. No. Length (in) Width (in) No. of Padlocks Net Price MA111056518 S440 9 1 3/4 12 $16.82 MA111066993 S450 13 1/2 1 3/4 24 31.86 Adjustable Butterfly Valve Lockout Features: by feeding S806 cable lockout device through desired eyelet and around valve neck thermoplastic material is chemical resistant and performs effectively in extreme environments S3921 S3920 Material: PBT and PC Zenex Color: Red Width: 1.95 in Height: 1.8 in Order No. Mfr. No. Net Price MA106555930 S3921 a $35.33 MA110782257 S3920 b 18.50 a Includes (1) S3920 butterfly valve lockout device and (1) S806CBL3 adjustable lockout cable. b Includes (1) S3920 butterfly valve lockout device. Circuit Breaker Lockout S2394 491B 493B 506 Features: circuit breakers throughout the world attachment - no tools required to prevent removal vertically miniature circuit breakers Color: Black/Red Material: PBT with Brass Thread Insert Order No. Mfr. No. Type Net Price MA111056752 S2394 Mini Circuit Breaker Lockout $13.25 Features: and Master Lock safety padlock shackle and lockout hasp diameters polymer allows operation in harsh environments Color: Red Material: Steel Order No. Mfr. No. Type Net Price MA102070368 491B a Tall & Wide Toggles $9.72 MA102069900 493B b Standard Single & Double Toggles 7.43 MA102081438 506 Tall & Wide Toggles Standard Single & Double Toggles 16.16 a For tall and wide breaker toggles. b For standard height and tie-bar toggles. extreme environments and Master Lock safety padlocks and lockout hasps (does not include ALO80 or ALO802) installation and minimizes user error pivot open and close to ensure proper fit

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