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193 Lubrication Products & Equipment Industrial Supplies and Expertise Clear Grease Tube Assembly Features: Capacity: 14.5 oz Cartridge & 16 oz Bulk O.D.: 2.7 in Overall Length: 10.7 in Order No. Mfr. No. Use With Net Price MA102080493 1100CLR For all Lincoln Grease Guns except Model 1134 $34.09 MA102121543 1107CLR For Lincoln Grease Gun 1134 and many Competitive Brands 39.34 Standard Control Valve Delivers preset, measured shots with trigger partially depressed. Provides continuous flow with trigger fully depressed. Features: Applications: Includes: Order No. Mfr. No. Inlet NPTF(f) (in) Outlet NPTF(f) (in) Net Price MA100874159 6320-3 1/4 1/8 $182.81 High Pressure Grease Control Valve Features: Order No. Mfr. No. Inlet NPTF(f) (in) Outlet NPTF(f) (in) Net Price MA102084392 740 1/4 1/8 $138.77 High Pressure Grease Control Handle High pressure booster handle delivers line pressure for normal lubrication. Features: to break loose tougher fittings Includes: Caution: Order No. Mfr. No. Max. Pressure (psi) Fluid Inlet Net Price MA101739792 636103 7,500 1/8 in NPT(M) 3/8 in NPTF $363.05 Heavy-Duty Lube Accessory Kit Applications: dispensing devices Includes: Order No. Mfr. No. Net Price MA102080110 58000 $105.09 Grease Gun Rigid Extension Various lengths permit ease of attachment to hydraulic fittings. Features: Thread Type: NPTF Coupler Type: Standard Hydraulic Order No. Mfr. No. Pressure (psi) Thread Size (in) Overall Length (in) Net Price MA100875018 B6638-A a 1,500 1/8 6 5/8 $22.26 MA100874700 6638-B b 1,500 1/8 12 1/8 24.46 a Blister pack. Includes 308730 coupler. b Includes 308730 coupler. Grease Gun Nozzle Push-type nozzle for grease gun. Order No. Mfr. No. Net Price MA100875040 Z334 $11.67 Don't Forget... See page 134 for more information. BG20 High Performance Synthetic Grease

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