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223 Industrial Supplies and Expertise Industrial Chemicals & Coatings 7088 Primer Stick Features: counterpart in semisolid stick formula friendly clean anaerobic machinery adhesives friendly Applications: deep threads Bonding Surface: Metals Order No. Mfr. No. Size (g) Container Net Price MA100868850 1069258 17 Stick $16.08 For threaded applications, advance stick only as deep as the threads you are applying to and completely fill the root of the threads at the area of engagement. For thread sealing recommended. 7090 Solventless Activator A solventless activator that promotes cures of most Loctite anaerobic adhesives. ODC free. Color: Light Amber Container: Bottle Base Chemical: No Solvent On-Part Life: 1 h Dry Time: <10 min Use With: I Order No. Mfr. No. Size (floz) Net Price MA100867595 19368 1 $18.70 668 Retaining Compound Stick Features: Applications: fits, keyways and splines Color: Green Strength: Low to Medium Gap Fill (Diametral): 0.005 in Shear Strength (Steel/Steel): 1,870 psi Order No. Mfr. No. Size (g) Container Net Price MA100867858 39148 19 Stick $37.52 609 Retaining Compound Features: press fit assemblies Applications: Compliances: (R-46082B) Type I Color: Green Strength: Low Gap Fill (Diametral): 0.005 in Shear Strength: 2,300 psi Order No. Mfr. No. Size (mL) Container Net Price MA100867489 60905 0.5 Capsule $2.80 MA100867490 60921 10 Bottle 15.16 MA100867491 60931 50 Bottle 40.38 MA100867492 60941 250 Bottle 134.02 660 Retaining Compound Repair worn coaxial parts without re-machining. Enables reuse of worn bearing seats, keys, splines, tapers or for retaining shims. Can double strength of some press fit assemblies. Features: Applications: Compliances: Color: Silver Gap Fill (Diametral): 0.020 in Shear Strength (Steel/Steel): 3,335 psi Order No. Mfr. No. Size (mL) Container Net Price MA100867496 66010 6 Tube $9.60 MA100867497 66040 50 Tube 42.26 603 Retaining Compound Features: Applications: Color: Green Strength: High Gap Fill (Diametral): 0.005 in Order No. Mfr. No. Size (mL) Container Net Price MA100867633 21440 10 Bottle $16.22 MA100867634 21441 50 Bottle 43.09 MA100867635 21442 250 Bottle 144.35 620 Retaining Compound Requires a secondary heat cure to generate high temperature resistance. Features: Applications: Compliances: of Shipping Color: Green Strength: Medium Gap Fill (Diametral): 0.015 in Shear Strength: 3,800 psi Order No. Mfr. No. Size (mL) Container Net Price MA100868052 62005 0.5 Capsule $2.85 MA100867493 62015 10 Bottle 17.54 MA100867494 62040 50 Bottle 45.79 MA100867495 62070 250 Bottle 150.96 648 Retaining Compound Features: Color: Green Strength: High Shear Strength (Steel/Steel): 3,900 psi Order No. Mfr. No. Size (mL) Container Net Price MA110522009 1835922 10 Bottle $17.69 MA110522008 1835920 50 Bottle 48.06 MA110522007 1835918 250 Bottle 158.97 cleaning plated fasteners We make ordering easy! Call, e-mail, walk in or order online today! Don't Forget...

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