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251 Industrial Supplies and Expertise Industrial Chemicals & Coatings Tough Coat Acrylic Enamel & Primer Tough Coat acrylic alkyd enamels feature a high-solids formula that ensures maximum coverage and performance. Tough Coat delivers the ultimate in protection, durability, high gloss and color retention. Features: indoors and outdoors Applications: marking areas Container: Aerosol I Order No. Mfr. No. Color Size (oz) Finish Net Price MA101532589 S01110 OSHA Red 16 Gloss $5.97 MA101538709 S01210 OSHA Orange 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101557501 S01310 OSHA Yellow 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101529378 S01470 OSHA Green 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101532448 S01510 OSHA Blue 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101529382 S01770 OSHA Black 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101529388 S01800 OSHA White 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101535768 S01150 Zinger Pink 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101538715 S01005 Bright Red 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101540786 S01101 Cherry Red 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101540807 S01811 Fluorescent Orange 16 Gloss 6.65 MA101529379 S01212 Implement Orange 16 Gloss 5.97 MA102146163 S01213 Joy Orange 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101992800 S01319000 New Caterpillar Yellow 16 Gloss 5.97 MA102036218 S01321000 Old Caterpillar Yellow 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101535729 S01765 Gold 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101529068 S01485 Ivy Green 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101557704 S01445 Medium Green 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101529081 S01540 Light Blue 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101549382 S01008 Ford Blue 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101535728 S01515 Dark Blue 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101532273 S01625 Blue/Gray 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101540797 S01645 Light Gray 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101538698 S00329 Machinery Blue Gray (ASA-24) 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101548585 S00326 Machinery Light Gray (ASA-61) 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101557714 S01620 Machinery Gray 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101532458 S00325 Machinery Dark Gray (ASA-49) 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101532582 S01615 Medium Gray 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101534225 S01760 Aluminum 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101548587 S03727 Black 16 Max-Flat 5.97 MA101540799 S03725 Black 16 Semi-Flat 5.97 MA101536292 S01305 Light Beige 16 Gloss 5.97 MA101532460 S03720 White 16 Flat 5.97 MA101535766 S00340 Gray Rust Control Primer 16 Flat 5.97 MA101534217 S00341 Light Gray Sandable Primer 16 Flat 5.97 MA101535720 S00339 Red Oxide Rust Control Primer 16 Flat 5.97 MA101557729 S00342 Red Oxide Sandable Primer 16 Flat 5.97 Tough Coat High Heat Paint Features: intermittently, 600 F constant Applications: equipment Container: Spray, Aerosol Finish: Flat I Order No. Mfr. No. Color Size (oz) Net Price MA101529078 S00324 Aluminum 16 $6.97 Also available in black. Acryli-Quik Features: coverage with excellent adhesion lacquer formula outdoors Applications: lumber Container: Aerosol I Iron Guard Latex Spray Paint 'Contents Under Pressure' formula and MIR compliance make this latex paint the safest paint to use indoors, in any environment. Soap and water cleanup while wet reduces costly downtime, costly materials and keeps production moving. Features: Applications: Container: Aerosol I Order No. Mfr. No. Color Finish Size (oz) Net Price MA101950803 K07902000 OSHA Red Gloss 16 $6.85 MA101925554 K07903000 OSHA Orange Gloss 16 6.85 MA101924168 K07904000 OSHA Yellow Gloss 16 6.85 MA101941197 K07907000 OSHA Blue Gloss 16 6.85 MA101850552 K07913000 Black Satin 16 6.85 Need more technical information on the parts you see? We'll be glad to send manufacturers' catalogs and other available datasheets. Call your local Applied service center for more details. Don't Forget... Order No. Mfr. No. Color Size (oz) Finish Net Price MA101534226 K02108A00 Banner Red 16 Gloss $7.07 MA101536296 K02101A00 Cherry Red 16 Gloss 7.07 MA101536295 K01813A00 Safety Yellow 16 Gloss 7.05 MA101535791 K01806A00 Sun Yellow 16 Gloss 7.07 MA101540803 K02001A00 Hunter Green 16 Gloss 7.07 MA101535775 K01901A00 Regal Blue 16 Gloss 7.07 MA101565624 K01910A00 True Blue 16 Gloss 7.07 MA101532259 K01605A00 Stone Gray 16 Gloss 7.05 MA101535774 K01604A00 Shadow Gray 16 High Gloss 7.07 MA101535723 K01601A00 Black 16 Gloss 7.07 MA101548588 K01602A000 Black 16 Ultra-Flat 7.05 MA101536293 K01501A00 White 16 Gloss 7.07 MA101532591 K01502A00 White 16 Flat 7.07 MA101636364 K01318A00 Gray Primer 16 Flat 6.65 MA101529385 K01314A00 Platinum Primer 16 Flat 7.05 MA101532265 K01316A00 Black Primer 16 Flat 7.07 MA102218670 K01317A00 Ruddy Brown Primer 16 Flat 6.65

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