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259 Industrial Supplies and Expertise Industrial Chemicals & Coatings High Performance 9100 System DTM Epoxy Mastic Versatile, two-component epoxy system is perfect for direct to metal (DTM), direct to tightly adhered rust, concrete floors, pools and more. This is a two-part system. Order base and activator separately. Combined to make two activated gallons. Mixing pail required (not supplied). Features: tightly adhered rust multiple coats of competitive epoxy resistance (standard, immersion, low temp or fast cure) at VOC less than 340 g/l or less than 250 g/l Applications: work shop, utility areas, service garages, steel, equipment, tanks, non-potable storage and more) Compliances: Use With: Container: Can Dry Time: 12 h Low VOC: Yes Max. Temperature Rating: 300 F I Base Order No. Mfr. No. Color Size (gal) Net Price MA100912324 9192402 White 1 $67.67 MA100912321 9179402 Black 1 67.67 MA100912322 9182402 Silver Gray 1 67.67 MA100912323 9186402 Navy Gray 1 67.67 MA100912320 9171402 Dunes Tan 1 67.67 MA100912376 9144402 Safety Yellow 1 96.93 Use with all 9100 and V9100 activators. Select activator by VOC level. Industrial Choice 5200 System, DTM Acrylic Features: minimal odor environments Applications: Compliances: and Agriculture Canada approved Container: Can Dry Time: 4 h Low VOC: Yes Max. Temperature Rating: 200 F Order No. Mfr. No. Color Finish Size (gal) Net Price MA100912203 5288402 Machine Tool Gray Gloss 1 $44.70 MA100912199 5278402 Black Flat 1 44.70 MA100912206 5292402 White Gloss 1 44.70 MA100912248 5244402 Safety Yellow Gloss 1 48.53 Industrial Choice 5200 System, DTM Acrylic Primer Features: industrial environments can be used Applications: schools, offices, prisons or areas that are sensitive to odor Use With: Container: Can Dry Time: 4 h Low VOC: Yes Max. Temperature Rating: 200 F Order No. Mfr. No. Color Finish Size (gal) Net Price MA100912181 5281402 Gray Flat 1 $39.51 Color Guard Tough Rubber Coating Features: almost any material in minutes surface or chip 200 F (93 C) Applications: Compliances: Container: Can I Order No. Mfr. No. Size (floz) Color Net Price MA100867519 34985 14.5 Red $18.06 MA100867521 34988 14.5 Yellow 18.06 MA100867522 34982 14.5 Blue 17.88 MA100867520 34979 14.5 Black 18.06 Cannot be sold in California. NeverWet Industrial Gallon Features: Industrial is a superhydrophobic treatment that dramatically repels water, mud, ice and other liquids water to form nearly perfect spheres, which roll off the surface, keeping items dry and clean base coat and top coat that work best on wood, metal, concrete and masonry Applications: awnings, walls, rooftops and more Compliances: Order No. Mfr. No. Container Color Finish Net Price MA110456663 277248 2 One Gal Containers Flat Milky Haze Flat $254.45 Looking for a specific part or manufacturer? Reference the Index located in the back of the catalog! Don't Forget...

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