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Janitorial Products 282 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at CD 880 General Purpose Cleaner Features: Applications: Compliances: I Order No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Net Wt. (oz) Container Net Price MA101529084 S00880000 20 19 Spray, Aerosol $4.49 HydroForce Zero VOC General Purpose Cleaner HydroForce Zero VOC provides maximum regulatory compliance without performance compromises. It is strong enough to attack and remove tough dirt, dust and grime deposits. Yet its moderate pH formula, biodegradability and zero VOC content make it versatile and safe enough to use daily for all your cleaning tasks. Formulated with a special polymer that keeps dirt and greasy soils from returning to surfaces. Features: California Air Resource Board Ozone Transport Commission Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment Significant New Alternatives Policy requirements as a suitable aerosol substitute for ozone-depleting substances Applications: performance and versatility Compliances: Color: Clear Scent: Mild Detergent * Order No. Mfr. No. Size Container Net Price MA101461286 14446 32 oz Trigger Spray Bottle $13.66 MA101459895 14449* 55 gal Drum 909.54 HydroForce Foaming Citrus All Purpose Cleaner Aqueous-based cleaner's foaming action instantly begins to lift off and eliminate dirt, dust, ink and grime deposits. HydroForce Foaming Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner clings to vertical and inverted surfaces. Features: Applications: Compliances: I Scent: Citrus Order No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Net Wt. (oz) Container Net Price MA101850700 14400 20 18 Aerosol $9.36 HydroForce Butyl-Free All Purpose Cleaner Butyl-free cleaner that is versatile enough for all of your cleaning tasks, but strong enough to attack and remove tough dirt, dust and grime deposits. Outcleans many competing aqueous cleaners containing butyl. Perfect for facilities seeking an effective all-purpose cleaner with maximum regulatory compliance. Features: Applications: Full Strength: Dirt, dust, grime, grease and oil on tools, parts, grills, tires, engines, drives, motors, shop equipment, lawn and garden equipment, fabric stains and floor wax removal 3:1 (Water to HydroForce ): General facility cleaning, appliances, vents, exhaust fans, tubs, sinks, showers, garbage containers, plastic, fiberglass, canvas and vinyl 10:1 (Water to HydroForce ): Pressure washers, vehicle washing, walls, paint preparation, floor cleaning (floor wax safe), chrome, stainless steel and polished metals 25:1 (Water to HydroForce ): Glass, mirrors and Plexiglas Compliances: Order No. Mfr. No. Size Container Net Price MA101844071 14401 30 oz Trigger Spray Bottle $10.73 MA101849754 14402 1 gal Bottle 21.28

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