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329 Industrial Supplies and Expertise General Industrial Products UltraPro Alkaline Batteries Features: Cell Type Voltage Shrink Wrapped Package Reclosable Storage Pak Order No. Mfr. No. Net Price Order No. Mfr. No. Net Price AAA 1.5 MA111020103 AL-AAA $3.54 MA111020096 ALAAA-18F $7.18 AA 1.5 MA111020102 AL-AA 3.37 MA111020095 ALAA-24F 8.94 C 1.5 MA111020099 AL-C 5.11 MA111020001 ALC-12F 9.71 D 1.5 MA111020098 AL-D 6.51 MA111020000 ALD-12F 12.37 9V 9 MA111020100 AL-9V 9.37 MA111020092 AL9V-12F 17.96 Duracell Specialty Batteries 21/23 AAAA N 76A 76S Features: you've come to expect from Duracell level of power for your needs fresh for up to seven years freshness are mercury free and work in a wide variety of devices * Order No. Mfr. No. Cell Type Battery Type Applications Pkg. Qty. Net Price MA111010088 MN21B2PK* 21/23 Alkaline GPS tracker, Test equipment, Security devices, Keyless locks 2 $3.07 MA111010090 MX2500B2PK* AAAA Alkaline Flashlights, Test equipment, Security devices 2 3.93 MA111010089 MN9100B2PK* N Alkaline GPS, Test equipment, Security devices, Calculators 2 3.36 MA111010155 PX67576ABPK 76A Alkaline Test equipment, Key fobs, Calculators, Security devices 1 1.72 MA111010112 MS76BPK 76S Silver Oxide Test equipment, Key fobs, Security devices 1 3.80 Duracell Lithium Coin Cell Batteries Features: reliable, long-lasting power technology service life * Order No. Mfr. No. Cell Type Voltage Pkg. Qty. Net Price MA111010087 DL2032B2PK* 2032 3 2 $3.29 MA111010110 DL2430BPK 2430 3 1 2.12 MA111010111 DL2450BPK 2450 3 1 3.39 Looking for a specific part or manufacturer? Reference the Index located in the back of the catalog! Don't Forget... AAA

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