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333 Industrial Supplies and Expertise General Industrial Products Portable Scene Light Rechargeable Lantern Features: works with all three modes task lighting snags surfaces medium - 2,400 lumens, 9 hour run time; low - 1,110 lumens, 18 hour run time Order No. Mfr. No. Battery Size Bulb Net Price MA110848913 45670 12 V, Lead-Acid, Rechargeable (6) C4 LED $999.00 RM Series Two-Way Radio RM Series two-way radios have the business smarts to help you work better together; they combine outstanding quality with excellent affordability. With crisp, clear audio throughout the workplace and exceptional durability, RM Series radios won't quit in high noise, harsh conditions or hard use. Features: Coverage - up to 250,000 sq ft and 20 floors Battery life - up to 15 hours per charge Selectable frequencies - VHF radios have 27 preprogrammed frequencies, MURS have five frequencies and UHF have 89 frequencies Voice Annunciation - ease of programming and channel announcement Narrowband compliant - only operates on 12.5 kHz Computer programmable software - available to easily program radios (optional accessory - programming cable required) RM Two-Way Radios Radio Features RMM2050 RMU2040 RMU2080 RMU2080D RMV2080 Frequency Band MURS UHF VHF Power/Watts 2 W Channels (default/capable) 5 2/4 8 Interference Eliminator Codes (PL/DPL) 39/83 Pre-Programmed Frequencies 5 89 27 Cloning Capability Y Vox - w/ Three Sensitivity Settings Y Battery Life - (between charges) (hrs) 15 Channel Annunciation Y Scan w/ Edit List Y Wt. (oz) 8.6 9.0 8.9 Range - Indoors (Steel/Concrete) 220,000 sq ft 250,000 sq ft 220,000 sq ft Range - Multi-Level Buildings 13 floors 20 floors 13 floors Replaces RDX Model RDM2020 RDM2080D RDU2020 RDU2080D RDV2020 RDV2080D Includes: Order No. Mfr. No. Power (W) No. of Channels Frequency Range Net Price MA110305073 RMM2050 2 5 MURS $189.00 MA110305074 RMU2040 2 4 UHF 209.00 MA110305075 RMU2080 2 8 UHF 239.00 MA110305076 RMU2080D 2 8 UHF 249.00 MA110305077 RMV2080 2 8 VHF 199.00 All RM Series radios except RMM2050 require an FCC License. 1500 W Convertible Halogen Dual Fixture Work Light Features: Height: Up to 8 ft Cord Length: 10 ft Cord Type: SJTW Order No. Mfr. No. Bulb Type Watts AWG Net Price MA101633958 SL-1082 Halogen 250 to 1500 16/3 $109.44

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