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334 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at General Industrial Products CLS Series Two-Way Radio CLS Series radios are ideal for light, indoor, nonharsh environments. This compact lightweight radio is dependable and simple to use, with features easily programmable to fit your needs. Features: Coverage - Up to 200,000 sq ft and 15 floors Battery life - greater than 12 hours Cloning capable - ease of programming multiple radios with multi-unit charger (optional accessory) Call tones - three unique tones used to alert users Drop-in Charging Tray - includes radio charging pocket and battery pockets substances in electrical and electronic equipment CLS 1410 model only: VibrAlert - great for noisy areas Channels - programmable for one, two, three or four channels Includes: Order No. Mfr. No. Power (W) No. of Channels Frequency Range Net Price MA101856300 CLS1110 1 1 UHF $159.00 MA101856299 CLS1410 1 4 UHF 179.00 DTR Series Two-Way Radio Motorola DTR Series digital on-site two-way radios are the power tools that enable communication. These durable (MIL Spec tested) radios help businesses keep operations on schedule, maximize job shift productivity, enhance security and increase overall customer satisfaction. Features: Coverage - increased by 20% over RM Series radios - up to 350,000 sq. ft. and 30 floors (range depends on surrounding terrain and conditions) No FCC licensing required Battery Life - up to 14.5 hours per charge 1:Many and 1:1 Calling - allows user to speak directly with one person in their contact list Digital Audio Quality - stays louder and clearer everywhere you have coverage No monthly fees New Technology - digital vs. analog - not compatible with CLS, RDX or RM Series radios hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment Includes: warranty Order No. Mfr. No. Power (W) No. of Channels Frequency Range Net Price MA101374637 DTR550 1 5 900 MHz ISM Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum $279.00 MA102112280 DTR410 1 25 900 MHz ISM Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum 259.00 DTR410 DTR550 RDX Series Two-Way Radio RDU4160D Motorola's RDX radios are high power (4/5 W only) and are proven tough. The RDX offers non-display as well as display models, Li-Ion batteries, computer programmable software, expanded UHF frequencies and other great features. Motorola business two-way radios help you get your job done right, right now. Features: Battery Life - Li-Ion rechargeable battery lasts up to 18.5 hours Selectable Frequencies - VHF radios have 27 preprogrammed frequencies and UHF have 89 frequencies Interference Eliminator Codes - 39 PL codes and 83 digital private line codes (DPL) Computer Programmable Software - available to easily program radios (optional accessory - programming cable required) Cloning Capabilities - One button cloning with multi-unit charger (optional accessory) or radio to radio via charging trays (optional accessory - cloning cable required) Drop-In Charging Tray - ease of desktop charging VOX - Hands-free transmissions with VOX-enabled accessories Narrowband compliant RDX Two-Way Radios Radio Features RDU4100* RDU4160D* RDV5100* Frequency Band UHF VHF Power/Watts 4 W 5 W Channels 10 16 10 Interference Eliminator Codes (PL/DPL) 39/83** Pre-Programmed Frequencies 89** 27** Cloning Capability Y Vox - w/ Three Sensitivity Settings Y Battery Life - (between charges) (hrs) 18.5 Scan w/ Edit List Y Wt. (oz) 10.3 Coverage Area Range - Indoors Up to: Steel/Concrete*** 350,000 sq ft 300,000 sq ft Multi-Level Buildings*** 30 floors 18 floors *Repeater capable. **Indicates frequency and code are also computer programmable to match other radios. ***All ranges depend on surrounding terrain and conditions. Includes: Order No. Mfr. No. Power (W) No. of Channels Frequency Range Net Price MA101477817 RDU4100 4 10 UHF $279.00 MA101523209 RDU4160D 4 16 UHF 299.00 MA101569026 RDV5100 5 10 VHF 259.00 All RDX Series radios require an FCC License.

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