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451 Bearings Industrial Supplies and Expertise 500 Series Ball Profile Carriage Several carriage styles with mounting holes allow for additional mounting configurations in the field or for retrofitting. All provide superior rigidity and design flexibility. Features: patented insert molded recirculation paths and optimized geometries of grease pockets built into the recirculation path available on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment Accuracy Class: High Material: Steel Size Code Dynamic Load Rating (N) Carriage Style Preload Level Type Order No. Mfr. No. Net Price 15 9,000 Standard 0.03 C Ball MA101930843 511H15A1 $122.17 Clearance Ball MA101920565 511H15A0 122.17 20 14,400 Narrow 0.03 C Ball MA101937989 511H20C1 133.00 Clearance Ball MA102199779 511H20C0 133.00 Ball Spacer MA101636527 513H20C0 153.79 Standard 0.03 C Ball MA102155933 511H20A1 133.00 Clearance Ball MA101975566 511H20A0 133.00 Ball Spacer MA101636526 513H20A0 153.79 17,400 Narrow Long Clearance Ball Spacer MA101646293 513H20D0 179.33 Standard Long Clearance Ball Spacer MA101689753 513H20B0 179.33 25 21,100 Narrow 0.03 C Ball MA101927378 511H25C1 157.63 Clearance Ball MA101929744 511H25C0 157.63 Ball Spacer MA101644989 513H25C0 182.24 Standard 0.03 C Ball MA101925706 511H25A1 157.63 Clearance Ball MA101920541 511H25A0 157.63 Ball Spacer MA101640464 513H25A0 182.24 25,500 Narrow Long Clearance Ball Spacer MA101645511 513H25D0 212.37 Standard Long Clearance Ball Spacer MA101645510 513H25B0 212.37 30 29,200 Narrow 0.03 C Ball MA101927100 511H30C1 176.98 Clearance Ball MA101922734 511H30C0 176.98 Ball Spacer MA101640781 513H30C0 205.55 Standard 0.03 C Ball MA101927117 511H30A1 176.98 Clearance Ball MA102171621 511H30A0 176.98 Ball Spacer MA101639295 513H30A0 205.55 35,300 Narrow Long Clearance Ball Spacer MA101687859 513H30D0 236.33 Standard Long Clearance Ball Spacer MA101689166 513H30B0 236.33 35 38,700 Narrow 0.03 C Ball MA101919045 511H35C1 190.79 Clearance Ball Spacer MA101687556 513H35C0 220.57 Standard 0.03 C Ball MA101920816 511H35A1 190.79 Clearance Ball MA101921152 511H35A0 190.79 Ball Spacer MA101640465 513H35A0 220.57 46,700 Narrow Long Clearance Ball Spacer MA101687557 513H35D0 255.64 Standard Long Clearance Ball Spacer MA101687660 513H35B0 255.64 45 61,900 Narrow High 0.03 C Ball MA101919050 511H45E1 264.86 Clearance Ball MA101926413 511H45E0 264.86 Standard 0.03 C Ball MA101927118 511H45A1 264.86 Clearance Ball MA101930869 511H45A0 264.86 Ball Spacer MA101645513 513H45A0 306.22 74,700 Standard Long Clearance Ball Spacer MA101687860 513H45B0 353.38 C=Bearing Dynamic Load Rating. Q. Can I damage seals by greasing a bearing? A. To avoid damaging seals by over-greasing, first check how much pressure your grease gun can deliver. It should be as much as 5,000 psi. Next determine how much pressure the seals of a standard mounted bearing can handle before becoming damaged. Depending on the brand, it should be around 15-30 psi. If both of these criteria are met, then you should not have problems with over-greasing and damaged seals. Did You Know?

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