Applied Product Catalog 2016 2017 Page i33 Applied Product Catalog 2016/2017

Pneumatic Symbols Industrial Supplies and Expertise i33 Air Prep Units Fi lter/Separator with manual drai n Fi lter/Separator with automatic drai n Oil Remov al F ilter Automatic Drai n Lubricator less drai n Lubricator with manual drai n Lubricator with automatic filling Air Line Pressure Regulator adjustable, relieving Air Line Pressure Regulator pilot controlled, relieving Fi lter/Regulator (piggyback) Manual Drain Relieving (without gauge) Fi lter/Regulator (piggyback) Auto Drain Relieving Air Line Combo F-R-L simplified Pneumatic V alves Check Flow Control Relief Va lv e 2-P osition, 2-W ay 2-P osition, 3-W ay 2-P osition, 4-W ay 4-P orted 2-P osition, 4-W ay 5-P orted 3-P osition, 4-W ay ports closed, center position 3-P osition, 4-W ay, 5-P orted cylinder ports open to pressure in center position Quick Exhaust Shuttle Va lve Actuators Manual General Symbol Push Button Lever Pe dal or Tr eadl e Mechanical Cam, To ggle, etc. Spring Detent - Line indicates which detent is in use Solenoi d Internal Pilot Suppl y Remote Pilot Supply And/or Composite solenoid and pilot or manual override And/or Composite solenoid and pilot or manual override and pilo t

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