Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page 102 Lubrication Products & Equipment

102 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Lubrication Products & Equipment Food Safe Grease Features: Improved low and high temperature performance Contains extra pressure, antiwear additives and corrosion and oxidation inhibitors Applications: Food processing operations Color: White Flash Point: 437 F Temperature Range: -40 F to 300 F NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Net Price 101193419 GR231C 14 Cartridge $14.54 Food Machinery Grease A clean, nontoxic bearing grease based on medical white oil using an aluminum complex soap. This grease is formulated using only FDA listed ingredients and is authorized by the NSF for category H1 service. Features: Compliance with all existing legislation on food protection High resistance to water washout Excellent grease life Excellent corrosion resistance An essentially neutral pH value Applications: Bakery equipment Food processing equipment Multi-pack cassette bearings Wrapping machines Conveyor bearings Bottling machines Color: Transparent Temperature Range: -5 F to 230 F NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Net Price 101169807 LGFP 2/0.4 14 Cartridge $22.26 Multi-Purpose Food Grade Grease Features: Aluminum complex, NLGI no. 2 grease Meets FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 for incidental food contact Appropriate for food processing and handling equipment Will not pound out of bearings and bushings during shock loads NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact Compliances: Meets FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 Color: White Max. Temperature: 300 F NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Net Price 101842793 SL35600 14 Cartridge $14.65 Food Grade White Grease A high purity, high quality aluminum complex grease that provides superior lubrication and durability in many food and pharmaceutical processing applications. Designed for heavy load applications requiring a long grease life. Protects equipment against rust, oxidation and wear. Features: With exclusive Perma-Lock actuator Excellent adhesion resists throw-off and shear breakdown Resistant to water, salt spray and detergent Applications: Food and pharmaceutical processing Compliances: NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact Caution: This product is labeled extremely flammable Temperature Range: 0 F to 450 F FRIENDLY I NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Net Wt. (oz) Container Net Price 101458242 03038 16 10 Aerosol $15.19 Nevastane White Food Grade Grease Creamy, off-white grease based on a white oil, a polymer and an aluminum complex thickener. FRIENDLY Features: Excellent antiwear properties Water resistance Tackiness Non-toxic: Will not cause adverse health effects Applications: Bearings Slides Guides Compliances: NSF H1 registered Star-K kosher approved NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Net Price 101539870 NEVASTANE2PLUSCART 14 Cartridge $9.73 Available in other sizes. Vestan HT/AW Clear Grease Vestan HT/AW Clear aluminum complex grease utilizes a mixture of USP white oil and synthetic polymer along with advanced NSF H-1 additive technology to provide superior performance in the most demanding food machinery applications. Vestan HT/AW greases should be considered for use in most plain and anti-friction bearings in food processing machinery and is recommended for use in beverage processing machinery, as well as ball valves, pelletizers and ANGELUS seamers and closers. * NLGI No. 0 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (lb) Container Net Price 110378912 VESTAN35HTAWCL0 35 Pail $170.54 110378911 VESTAN120HTAWCL0* , 120 Keg 553.38 110378913 VESTAN400HTAWCL0* , 400 Drum 1,727.66 NLGI No. 1 Item No. Mfr. No. Size Container Net Price 110378917 VESTAN14OZHTAWCL1 14 oz Cartridge $5.87 110378915 VESTAN35HTAWCL1 35 lb Pail 170.54 110378914 VESTAN120HTAWCL1* , 120 lb Keg 553.38 110378916 VESTAN400HTAWCL1* , 400 lb Drum 1,727.66 NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size Container Net Price 110378921 VESTAN14OZHTAWCL2 14 oz Cartridge $5.87 110378919 VESTAN35HTAWCL2 35 lb Pail 170.54 110378918 VESTAN120HTAWCL2* , 120 lb Keg 553.38 110378920 VESTAN400HTAWCL2* , 400 lb Drum 1,727.66 *

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