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105 Lubrication Products & Equipment All Things Industrial ThermaPlex Hi-Temp Bearing Grease Hi-Temp remains stable and resists carbonization at high temperatures, reducing risk of bearing failure. Features: Reduces the risk of bearing failure at high temperatures Resists carbonization at high temperatures Very high dropping point Extends relubrication intervals Reduces grease consumption Very good vibration resistance Reduces need for multiple greases Applications: Aluminum castings Boiler room equipment Cement kiln fans Conveyors Crucibles Engine room equipment Processing ovens Shrink wrappers Color: Brown Temperature Range: -15 F to 392 F Dropping Point: 536 F 4-Ball Weld Load: > 400 kg NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Net Price 101740505 70214 14.1 Cartridge $13.01 ThermaPlex Hi-Load Bearing Grease Hi-Load is designed to provide long-lasting lubrication for heavily loaded bearings or those subjected to shock loading and vibration. Features: Lubricates heavily loaded bearings Reduces wear from vibration Moly-fortified for extreme application Extends relubrication intervals Excellent load carrying ability Withstands shock loading Reduces wear from vibration Excellent corrosion resistance Reduces maintenance costs Wide operating temperature range Applications: Hoist and platform lifts Vibrating conveyors Demolition equipment Mining equipment Molding machines Overhead cranes Sanding lifts Color: Black Temperature Range: -22 F to 350 F Dropping Point: 429 F 4-Ball Weld Load: > 600 kg (1,760 lb) NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Net Price 102164836 70414 14.1 Cartridge $9.45 ThermaPlex CS Moly Bearing Grease ThermaPlex CS Moly Bearing Grease is intended for bearings offering high performance, enhanced load carrying ability and shock loading protection. Features: Premium performance, calcium sulfonate grease Enhanced with molybdenum disulfide Reduces wear from vibration Prolongs bearing life Very high load carrying capacity Superior water resistance Wide operating temperature range Multi-application bearing grease Excellent adhesive and cohesive properties Extends relubrication intervals for bearings Excellent oxidation stability Applications: Ball mills Bridges Casters Conveyors Marine environments Mining Plain bearings Roller bearings Steel mills Color: Gray/Black Temperature Range: 0 F to 425 F Dropping Point: 570 F NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Net Price 101658019 70814 14.1 Cartridge $10.05 1292 Long Life Bearing Grease For high temperature use and applications that come in contact with solvents, fuels and water. Features: Light consistency Temperature range from -40 F to 392 F (-40 C to 200 C) Applications: Rolling element and plain bearings Instrument gears Chemical and petroleum equipment Color: Off-White NLGI No. 1 to 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size Container Net Price 101930676 1292 150G TUBE 5.3 oz/150 g Tube $64.43 Red Grease Heavy-duty, NLGI No. 2, aluminum complex-based grease that provides superior lubrication and withstands high temperature and high pressure. Features: Red color provides easy visual inspection Penetrates deep to form a tenacious, long-lasting film Waterproof and resistant to acids, alkalis, salt, oxidation, weather and steam Extends operating service life of equipment and reduces wear, galling and scoring Applications: Break-in lubrication for bearings Cables Cams and pistons Electrical motor shafts Fifth wheels Guide rails Heavy equipment Hinges Industrial bearings Latches Open gears Overhead door tracks Pillow blocks Pulleys U-joints Caution: This product is labeled extremely flammable Read and observe the special usage warning on the label Do not apply while equipment is energized Color: Red Working Temperature: -25 F to 300 F I NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Net Wt. (oz) Container Net Price 101851097 03079 16 11 Aerosol $11.77 Extreme Pressure Grease Extreme Pressure Grease is a high-load bearing grease that provides good lubrication in general applications subjected to harsh environments and vibrations. Features: Excellent mechanical stability Extremely good corrosion-inhibiting properties Excellent extreme pressure performance Applications: Pulp and paper machines Jaw crushers Traction motors for railway vehicles Dam gates Work roll bearings in steel industry Heavy machinery vibrating screens Crane wheel sheaves Color: Light Brown Temperature Range: -4 F to 230 F NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Net Price 100729411 LGEP2/0.4 14 Cartridge $12.56

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