Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page 123 Lubrication Products & Equipment

123 Lub Lubrication Products & Equipment All Things Industrial SM Series EMB Developed for the lubrication of electric motor bearings, fans and other high speed, grease-type ball and roller bearings. Features: Compliances: Item No. Mfr. No. Size Container Net Price 102075578 L0148-098* 14.5 oz Cartridge $7.76 102059960 L0148-035 35 lb Pail 232.81 Series 630-AAA Lithium-type, multi-purpose grease reduces the need to carry large grease inventories. Features: Compliances: Item No. Mfr. No. Size (lb) Container Net Price 102069642 L0068-035 35 Pail $195.84 102069934 L0068-039 ,a 120/115 Drum 606.59 a NLGI 0. Premium All-Purpose Industrial Grease Lithium-complex, thickened grease designed for a variety of light- to medium-duty industrial applications that operate at higher-than-average temperatures and loads. Features: Applications: Compliances: rating for the most stringent operating conditions Color: Amber Flash Point: Dropping Point: Temperature Range: NLGI No. 2 Item No. Mfr. No. Size Container Net Price 101193401 GR217C 14 oz Cartridge $6.34 101193405 GR217T 1 lb Tub 6.66 101193404 GR217P 35 lb Pail 161.16 Also available in 16 gallon and 55 gallon plastic-lined drums. Please call your local service center. Synthetic Industrial Grease Features: Applications: Color: Red Flash Point: Temperature Range: NLGI No. 1.5 Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Net Price 101193423 GR232C 14 Cartridge $18.14 All Purpose Industrial & Automotive Grease This premium quality, general-purpose grease is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. It is extremely thermally stable within its operating temperature range. Features: and rust inhibiting properties Applications: NLGI No. 2 Temperature Range: Color: Red Brown Item No. Mfr. No. Size Container Net Price 100729408 LGMT 2/0.4 14 oz Cartridge $9.31 100729424 LGMT 2/18 40 lb Pail 190.28 100729425 LGMT 2/50 110 lb Keg 489.29 NLGI No. 3 Temperature Range: Color: Amber Item No. Mfr. No. Size Container Net Price 100729409 LGMT 3/0.4 14 oz Cartridge $9.31 100729418 LGMT 3/1 2.2 lb Tub 16.02 Lubrication Selection Guide Timken Grease Selection Flowchart - Environment Timken Grease Selection Flowchart - Application Extreme Heat Heavy Loads High Sliding Wear Dirty Environments Slow Speeds Shock Loading Corrosive Media Extreme Heat Heavy Loads Slow to Moderate Speeds Wet Conditions High Wear Moderate Loads Moderate Speeds Moderate Temperatures High Speeds Light Loads Moderate Temperatures Moderate Water Wet Conditions Corrosive Conditions Quiet Environments Moderate to High Speeds Light Loads Moderate Temperatures Timken Construction and Off-Highway Grease Timken Mill Grease Timken Premium All Purpose Industrial Grease Timken Electric Motor Ball Bearing Grease Timken Ball Bearing Pillow Block Grease Agriculture/Mining Construction/Off Road Cement Plants Earth Moving Equipment Fleet Equipment Heavy Industry Rock Quarry Pivot Pins/Splined Shafts Aluminum Mills Paper Mills Steel Mills Power Generation Offshore Rigs Agriculture Auto Wheel Bearings Truck Wheel Bearings Heavy Duty Industrial Bushings/Ball Joints Alternators Generators Electric Motors Fans/Pumps Lightly Loaded Pillow Blocks Idler Pulleys Chemical Manufacture Noise Sensitive Applications Oven Conveyers n Continued from previous page. I * Multi-Purpose Grease Pail Cartridge

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