Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page 141 Lubrication Products & Equipment

141 Lubrication Products & Equipment All Things Industrial Single Point Lubricator G-Power M-Power Features: Helps extend equipment life A constant renewal of the lubricant helps ensure equipment availability Reliable, clean and precise lubrication around the clock Discharge periods from 1 to 12 months Lubricant volume 60 cc to 250 cc (2.03 oz to 8.45 oz) Operating conditions appropriate for indoor and outdoor temperatures Increases production uptime Continuous production processes and predictable maintenance intervals Continuous, low maintenance, long term lubrication Permanent supply of lube points with fresh lubricant Consistent lubrication increases equipment availability Energy cost reduction Increase plant safety Extended exchange intervals Reduced maintenance Time spent in danger zones is reduced Significantly reduces the risk of workplace accidents Filled with Timken All-Purpose Grease NLGI No. 2 Applications: Bearings Guideways Industrial components Item No. Mfr. No. Description Reservoir Capacity (cc) Net Price 101195437 PM202000 a M-Power Single Point Lubricator N/A $122.33 101192951 PG101217 b G-Power Single Point Lubricator 120 53.41 Filled with Timken Pillow Block Ball Bearing Grease NLGI No. 2 Applications: Pillow blocks Ball bearings Item No. Mfr. No. Description Reservoir Capacity (cc) Net Price 101112337 PG101220 b G-Power Single Point Lubricator 120 $58.73 101195451 PM242220 M-Power Single Point Lubricator 120 139.07 a Drive unit. b Requires activator screw, which is sold separately. M-Power Lubricator Accessory Features: Delivers small, consistent amounts of grease or oil Powered by electrochemical reactions or electromechanical drive units Interchangeable with other brands Can be filled with nine Timken-formulated greases or more than 120 types of commercial lubricants Applications: Bearings Chains Guideways Industrial components Item No. Mfr. No. Description Use With Net Price 101192976 PM241217 120 cc cartridge filled with all-purpose industrial grease PM242217 $66.68 101195466 PM281349 250 cc cartridge filled with grease designed for paper mills PM282349 77.63 G-Power Lubricator Activator Features: Dispenses lubricant volume of 120 cm during a period of one, three, six or twelve months, depending on operating conditions Activator is screwed in the lubrication system and the eyelet torn off Item No. Mfr. No. Description Net Price 101192960 PG111000 Yellow - use for one-month intervals $9.62 101192961 PG112000 Green - use for three-month intervals 9.62 101192962 PG113000 Red - use for six-month intervals 9.62 101192963 PG114000 Gray - use for 12-month intervals 9.62 120 cc 250 cc

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