Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page 144 Lubrication Products & Equipment

144 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Lubrication Products & Equipment Class 1 & 2 Pneumatic Pump Features: Double ball downtube ensures positive priming for reliable operation Stainless steel and carbon steel models are suitable for pumping corrosive liquids Stub pumps require appropriate downtube Air inlet: 1/4" Applications: Designed to handle light to medium fluids, such as inks, flavoring and oils Recommended for dispensing applications Material Inlet NPTF (f): 1 in Material Outlet NPTF (f): 1 in Item No. Mfr. No. Drum Size (gal) Delivery (gpm) Pump Ratio Net Price 100874735 7216-S3 55 14 1:1 $2,360.79 PMV 50:1 Heavy-Duty Grease Pump The PMV family of grease and oil pumps represents 100 years of high quality engineering, technology and manufacturing. The unique modular design of these pumps includes precision-machined parts made with durable materials, which allows for a longer pump life. Based on Lincoln's proven PowerMaster III air logic pump technology, PMV is a simple design with few moving parts. This translates to exceptional performance, long service life and low maintenance cost. Features: Proven air valve assembly design based on PowerMaster III air logic pump technology: dependable, quiet performance Air cylinder: one-piece cylinder casting contains all ports and passages Pump tube: one-piece, machined gland nut easy to maintain over life of pump Pump seals made from durable polyurethane Hard chrome-plated pump rod allows for superior sealing, which extends life of rod Set Contents for 9989 Mfr. No. Desc. 25 lb to 50 lb Portable Heavy Duty Grease Pump w/ Pail Cover V35003500 Bare Pump 9149 Drum Cover 84775 Flexible Follower 5874/5875 Air Coupler/Nipple 75084 7 ft Grease Hose 82399 Straight Swivel 81387 Universal Swivel 740 Control Valve Delivery: 168 in/min Pump Style: Portable Air Supply Required: 40 to 150 psi Item No. Mfr. No. Drum Size (lb) Lube Outlet NPTF (f) (in) Air Inlet NPTF (f) (in) Pump Ratio Components Net Price 101452780 9989 25 to 50 1/4 3/8 50:1 Cover, Follower, Dolly $1,060.05 Portable Pneumatic RAM Oil Pump w/ Bung Adapter Features: Withstands even the most extreme conditions Handles challenging oil applications with ease Fast Quiet Easily handles fluids up to SAE 140 Pump mounts to 1 1/2" suction pipe from remote tank Capable of pumping at rates up to 20 gpm Resists the effects of freezing Material Inlet NPTF (f): 1 1/2 in Material Outlet NPTF (f): 1/2 in Item No. Mfr. No. Drum Size (lb) Delivery (gpm) Pump Ratio Net Price 100874962 9969-B 55 7 5:1 $1,219.27 Visi-Lube Automatic Lubricator Automatically controls grease flow. Allows grease level to be checked at a glance. Handles grease up to NLGI #3. Features: Refillable No chemicals No gases One-piece steel base and core Safety vents Operating temperature: -40 F to 150 F Includes: Three variable pressure springs: heavy, medium and light Accessories Mfr. No. Desc. 338519 Spring Assortment Kit Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 100874138 B1741-A $55.25 Portable Pneumatic RAM Pump Features: Quiet operation and quick serviceability Flexible follower works with straight and tapered containers Delivery: 4.5 lb/min Material Outlet NPTF (f): 3/8 in Air Inlet NPTF (f): 1/4 in Item No. Mfr. No. Drum Size Pump Ratio Net Price 100874934 9911-A1 35 lb Drum & 70 lb Bulk Grease 50:1 $1,972.65 Required accessories: Follower 338802 is needed when using a 70 lb lubricant container; Follower 337665 is needed when using a 35 lb lubricant container.

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