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173 Lubrication Products & Equipment All Things Industrial SM MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator MultiPoint, SKF's centralized automatic lubricator, is cost effective for multiple grease lubrication points. Once the correct grease dispense rate for your application is calculated using DialSet, SKF's relubrication calculation program, MultiPoint, will keep up to eight lubrication points simultaneously and automatically lubricated, preventing both over- and under-greasing. I Features: cartridge machine is running) Includes: relubrication intervals Lubricant: Standard SKF 420 mL Grease Cartridge Temperature Range: Thread: G1/4 Max. Pressure: 600 psi Item No. Mfr. No. No. of Feed Lines Max Length of Feed Lines (ft) Power Supply Net Price 101169773 LAGD 400 Up to 8 16 110-240 VAC 24 VDC 50-60 Hz $2,231.99 SYSTEM 24 Automatic Grease Lubricator - Single Use LAGD GB2: Green, biodegradable bearing grease. LAGD HFP15: Food grade, NSF H1 approved chain oil. LAGD EM2: High viscosity. Mineral-based grease with lithium soap. LAGD FP2: Food-grade grease, NSF H1 approved. LAGD HP2: High performance polyurea grease. LAGD HHT26: Chain oil; for high temperature applications. LAGD HB2: High viscosity, high temperature grease. LAGD HMT68: Chain oil; includes EP additives for general chain lubrication. LAGD WA2: Wide temperature range. Mineral oil-based. EP-type lithium complex grease. Features: installation Compliances: FRIENDLY I Thread Size: 1/4 in NPT Drive Type: Electrochemical Spring Force: None Lubricant Type Reservoir Capacity (mL) Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price Biodegradable 125 100729391 LAGD 125/GB2 $51.44 Chain Oil - Food Grade 125 102074522 LAGD 125/HFP15 55.94 Extreme Pressure 60 101169774 LAGD 60/EM2 49.56 125 101169770 LAGD125/EM2 49.56 Food Grade 60 101953195 LAGD 60/FP2 52.34 125 100729392 LAGD 125/FP2 52.34 High Performance Polyurea 60 101490343 LAGD60/HP2 51.44 125 101366310 LAGD125/HP2 51.44 High Temperature Oil 125 101169771 LAGD 125/HHT26 55.94 High Viscosity 60 101402573 LAGD 60/HB2 53.55 125 101803931 LAGD 125/HB2 55.59 Medium Temperature Oil 125 100729390 LAGD 125/HMT68 a 55.94 Wide Application 60 100729389 LAGD 60/WA2 49.89 125 100729393 LAGD125/WA2 49.56 a Chain oiler. TLMR Series Automatic Lubricant Dispenser - Single Use Features: by batteries (standard Lithium AA type) and TLMR 201 powered by 12 to 24 VDC sizes: 120 and 380 ml Applications: applications and food processing machinery fan applications Thread Size: G1/4 Drive Mechanism: Electro-Mechanical Complete Lubricator Kits Item No. Mfr. No. Power Supply Net Price 110492602 TLMR101/38WA2 4 AA lithium batteries $214.65 110492603 TLMR 201/38WA2 12-24 V DC 193.95 Continued on next page. TLMR101/ 38WA2 TLMR201/ 38WA2

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