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177 Lubrication Products & Equipment All Things Industrial SM PMV 50:1 Heavy-Duty Grease Pump The PMV family of grease and oil pumps represents 100 years of high quality engineering, technology and manufacturing. The unique modular design of these pumps includes precision-machined parts made with durable materials, which allows for a longer pump life. Based on Lincoln's proven PowerMaster III air logic pump technology, PMV is a simple design with few moving parts. This translates to exceptional performance, long service life and low maintenance cost. Features: PowerMaster III air logic pump technology: dependable, quiet performance all ports and passages easy to maintain over life of pump sealing, which extends life of rod Set Contents for 9989 Mfr. No. Desc. 25 lb to 50 lb Portable Heavy Duty Grease Pump w/ Pail Cover V35003500 Bare Pump 9149 Drum Cover 84775 Flexible Follower 5874/5875 Air Coupler/Nipple 75084 7 ft Grease Hose 82399 Straight Swivel 81387 Universal Swivel 740 Control Valve Delivery: Pump Style: Portable Air Supply Required: 40 to 150 psi Item No. Mfr No. Drum Size (lb) Lube Outlet NPTF (f) (in) Air Inlet NPTF (f) (in) Pump Ratio Components Net Price 101452780 9989 25 to 50 1/4 3/8 50:1 Cover, Follower, Dolly $977.66 Portable Pneumatic RAM Oil Pump w/ Bung Adapter Features: Material Inlet NPTF (f): 1 1/2 in Material Outlet NPTF (f): 1/2 in Item No. Mfr. No. Drum Size (lb) Delivery (gpm) Pump Ratio Net Price 100874962 9969-B 55 7 5:1 $1,130.10 Portable Pneumatic RAM Pump Features: tapered containers Delivery: 4.5 lb/min Material Outlet NPTF (f): 3/8 in Air Inlet NPTF (f): 1/4 in Item No. Mfr. No. Drum Size Pump Ratio Net Price 100874934 9911-A1 35 lb Drum & 70 lb Bulk Grease 50:1 $1,819.34 Required accessories: Follower 338802 is needed when using a 70 lb lubricant container; Follower 337665 is needed when using a 35 lb lubricant container. Stationary Pneumatic Industrial Pump for Viscous Lubricants Features: pressure over long distances space constraints Applications: Item No. Mfr. No. Drum Size (lb) Delivery (gpm) Pump Ratio Net Price 100874818 7786-A5 400 12 75:1 $3,052.87 Medium Pressure PML Fluid Dispensing Pump Recommended for piped installations of short to moderate length. Easily handles luids up to SAE 140. Applications: Air Inlet NPTF (f): 1/4 in Item No. Mfr. No. Drum Size Delivery (gpm) Pump Ratio Net Price 100874959 9968 Stub 7 5:1 $709.24

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