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178 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Lubrication Products & Equipment Style 1637 Filtered Breather Vent Design incorporates more vent ports, which are located higher on the body of the unit for greater clearance. Features: Filtered airflow with better protection against clogging from dirt Ideally suited to maintain equalized pressure in axle differentials and transmissions, also in industrial gearboxes and transmissions Material: Steel, Zinc-Plated Thread Type: NPT Vent Type: Screen & Nylon Filtered Dia.: 1 1/4 in Item No. Mfr. No. Thread Size (in) Overall Height (in) Net Price 101608315 1637-025800 1/4-18 1 1/2 $16.68 101605236 1637-037800 3/8-18 1 1/2 18.50 101982886 1637-050800 1/2-14 1 13/16 20.05 Style 1654 Low Profile Breather Vent Material: Brass Thread Type: NPT Vent Type: 40 Micron Sintered Bronze Filtered Item No. Mfr. No. Thread Size (in) Dia. (in) Overall Height (in) Net Price 102061512 1654-012800 1/8-27 9/16 5/8 $3.63 Spectrum Oil Container Breather Vent The breather vent is available in ten colors to coordinate with lid color or to use as a secondary color option (ex. - for identifying viscosity grade, lubrication frequency or base oil type). An easy twist open/close breather vent provides hands-free control with no thumb strain. All 2, 3 and 4 gallons containers are supplied with a black breather vent as standard. Features: Colors available: black, yellow, red, blue, green, orange, purple, gray, tan, dark green Color: Black Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 106411147 24010 $11.77 Watchdog Desiccant Breather The Watchdog Desiccant Breathers are a unique particle filtration and water removal system. Prevents destructive contaminants from entering industrial equipment as air is breathed in and out due to thermal expansion or fluid level changes. Features: Water vapor absorbent Color indicator notifies you when replacement is needed Dual filtration system Bi-directional air flow Durable construction Prolongs fluid life Reduces abrasive wear, downtime and repair costs Applications: Circulating oil systems Gearboxes Process pumps Storage tanks Vacuum systems Hydraulic systems Transformer cases Anywhere that industrial equipment needs to be dry and clean Material: ABS Plastic and Impact Modified Acrylic Operating Temperature: -20 F to 200 F Particulate Filtration Level: 2 micron Absolute (99% Efficiency) Silica Gel Adsorption: Up to 40% of its own weight Item No. Mfr. No. Connection Size Dia. (in) Height (in) Nominal Air Flow Rate (cfm) Silica Gel Volume (lb) Water Capacity (lb) Net Price 100873668 39134 1/2 in Female NPT 3 1/4 75 0.48 0.18 $45.82 100873654 39102 1 in Male Friction Fit 5 9 1/4 260 2.31 0.90 111.09 100873655 39108 2 in Male NPT 5 11 1/4 750 3.10 1.30 200.18 Watchdog Desiccant Breather Accessories The bypass adapter is designed for applications where there is very heavy oil mist being expelled from the equipment. When air is breathed into the equipment, it passes through the Watchdog and is cleaned and dried. When the air is breathed out of the equipment, it enters the adapter and is expelled to the outside without passing back through the breather. This protects the breather from oil contamination. Type Connection Size Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price Adapter 1/2 in NPTM to 1/2 in NPTM 100873684 39212 $16.59 Cap Check Valve 5 in 111126436 39122 137.04 Nozzle - 100873344 31917 4.63 Threaded Adapter 3/4 in NPT Male 100873675 39203 9.13 1 in NPT Male 100873674 39202 9.13

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