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187 Lubrication Products & Equipment All Things Industrial SM Super Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun Cast aluminum head and enclosed piston assembly work together to produce a grease gun that withstands the abuse of even the harshest lubrication environments. Features: and uninterrupted pumping action Item No. Mfr. No. Extension Pressure (psi) Net Price 100880814 1134 18 in Flexible Hose w/ Coupler & 6 in Rigid Tube 7,500 $47.28 Suction Gun For draining and refilling brake master cylinders, oil filters, differentials and gear cases. Includes: Item No. Mfr. No. Capacity NPTF(f) Outlet Size (in) Net Price 100875027 F105 16 oz Bulk or 14 oz Cartridge 1/4 $16.70 Precision High Pressure & Volume Grease Gun Features: Caution: Item No. Mfr. No. Pressure (psi) Net Price 102089811 1035 7,000 $136.00 12 V PowerLuber Grease Gun Features: efficiency comfortable to grip handling Max. Pressure: 8,000 psi Item No. Mfr. No. No. of Batteries Net Price 112889403 1262 1 $236.34 Visit us online at ! Don't Forget... 14 V Series 586 Lithium-Ion Grease Gun As the latest addition to Alemite's growing range of lithium-ion battery-powered grease guns, the new 14.4 V model combines proven heavy-duty performance and durable, ergonomic design with the benefits of lithium-ion battery technology to simplify the lubrication process. The 14.4 V lithium-ion grease gun loads easily, primes quickly and delivers up to 15 cartridges per charge, enabling more uptime and greater productivity in the shop, field or factory. The unit's lithium-ion battery provides constant output for fade free power, and can be charged at any time for any duration with no effect on battery life. Includes battery, charger and carrying case. Max. Pressure: 10,000 psi Flow: 5.6 oz/min Item No. Mfr. No. No. of Batteries Net Price 112850385 586-A 1 $252.30 18 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Operated Grease Gun Features: grease cartridge level and battery charge level (patent pending) lubricant is being dispensed to prevent over lubrication and wasted grease pressure shaded areas outstanding run time thermocouple Capacity Volume: 14 1/2 oz Extension: 36 in Hose w/ Spring Guard Power Source: Rechargeable Battery Item No. Mfr. No. No. of Batteries Net Price 101940091 1862 1 $427.29 101868148 1864 2 604.87

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