Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page 200 Industrial Chemicals & Coatings

200 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Industrial Chemicals & Coatings Minute Mend Epoxy Putty Permanently repairs scratches, gouges and holes in drums, tanks, pipes, castings, molds, sinks, tubs and leaky gaskets. Perform routine electrical jobs, such as mounting terminal blocks, packing wires and repairing breaker boxes. Ideal for stopping leaks, can even be used under water. Can be used in plumbing, electrical, ceramic, vehicle and machinery repair. Features: Specially formulated to bond to both wet and dry surfaces and can even be applied under water A two-part epoxy putty packaged in a convenient one-piece stick Ready to use in less than one minute Can be tapped, sawed, drilled, machined, stained or painted Applications: Drums, tanks, castings, molds, sinks, tubs, gaskets, mounting terminal blocks, packing wires and repairing breaker boxes Color: Gray Working Time: 30 min Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Net Price 101889966 14070 4 Stick $18.08 PC 72189 Nordbak Wearing Compound Large ceramic beads and fine silicon carbide in a high performance epoxy system. Features: Protects against sliding abrasion, non-sagging and trowelable Compliances: NEHC spec NAVSEA spec Color: Grey Container: Kit Operating Temperature: 250 F Working Time: 30 min Functional Cure: 7 h I Item No. Mfr. No. Size (lb) Net Price 100869823 1323940 25 $495.40 PC 9599 Fast Cure Wearing Compound A faster version of Loctite Norbak Wearing Compound, this epoxy renews worn surfaces fast, reducing downtime to put equipment back in service in as little as three hours. Features: Trowelable Color: Blue Container: Kit Working Time: 10 min I Item No. Mfr. No. Size (lb) Net Price 100868244 96373 6 $155.92 MFRE Metal-filled Repair Epoxies: Two-part polymer systems used to repair worn or fatigued metal, providing abrasion and chemical resistance to the equipment/substrates. AE Abrasion-control Epoxies: Wear-resistant, two-part polymers used to protect operating equipment from sliding and impact for extended service. CLU Casting Liquid Urethanes: Two-part, pourable compounds used to reproduce molds, holding fixtures or creating nesting areas. GPME General Purpose Maintenance Epoxies: Two-part polymer systems used to repair worn or fatigued metals, such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum and other alloys. BR Belt Repair Products: Toughened urethane copolymer products used to repair tears, gouges and resurface belt clips for all types of conveyor equipment. PA Primers & Accelerators: A family of products that accelerate the curing of polymers and prime substrates for increased adhesion. F Flooring: A complete, 100% NON VOC product line designed to "patch and repair," "coat" and "anti-skid" concrete floors for increased chemical resistance. Applications for Epoxy Products PC 7230 High Temperature Wearing Compound Features: Resists sliding abrasion and temperatures to 450 F (232 C) Must be post-cured for maximum temperature resistance and performance Trowelable Color: Gray Container: Kit Working Time: 30 min I Item No. Mfr. No. Size (lb) Net Price 100869886 99112 25 $677.11 PC 7226 Nordbak Pneu-Wear Filled with small ceramic beads and silicon carbide. Features: Protection against fine particle abrasion to 250 F (121 C) Trowelable Compliances: Approved by the American Bureau of Shipping Agriculture Canada approved CFIA approved NEHC spec NAVSEA spec Lloyd's register spec Color: Gray Container: Kit Working Time: 30 min I Item No. Mfr. No. Size (lb) Net Price 100869887 98382 25 $636.40 Underwater Repair Putty (UW) High-performance technology for repairing, patching and rebuilding equipment in habitually wet environments, even underwater. Features: Eliminates the need for substrate to be thoroughly dry before repairs Invaluable for use in pulp and paper mills, wastewater treatment plants and marine environments Does not contain any ozone-depleting substances Applications: Steel Iron Aluminum Brass Bronze alloys Concrete Wood Plastics Color: Grey Container: Kit Working Time: 45 min Functional Cure: 24 h Item No. Mfr. No. Size (lb) Net Price 100849238 11800 1 $101.87

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