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217 Industrial Chemicals & Coatings All Things Industrial Security Check Paint Marker Perfect for indicating tampering or loosening of bolts or parts, Markal Security Check paint provides an easy-to-read visual indication. The non-drip formula easily applies across bolt threads and cracks when loosened. Features: Paint marks crack for visual indication of loosening or tampering of bolts and parts Dry to touch: 15 minutes; full cure: 4 days Comes in eight high visibility colors Larger volume tube holds 70% more paint than leading competitor Marking range: -4 F to 158 F (20 C to 70 C ) Mark temperature resistance: 392 F (200 C) Other colors available Dry Time: 15 min Item No. Mfr. No. Color Size (mL) Packing Type Net Price 113481281 96669 Yellow 50 Tube $7.15 113481283 96671 Blue 50 Tube 7.15 113481286 96674 Orange 50 Tube 7.15 113481282 96670 Red 50 Tube 7.15 Item No. Mfr. No. Color Net Price 111791509 61049 Red $76.80 111791510 61050 Black 76.80 111791511 61051 White 76.80 111791512 61053 Yellow 76.80 111791557 61069 Green 76.80 111791558 61070 Blue 76.80 Features: Fast drying, vibrant paint marks dry in five to seven minutes Marks on virtually any surface: wet, smooth, rough or hot Airtight, self-storing cap keeps the marker clean and fresh between uses Weather- and UV-resistant paint for long-lasting marks Xylene-free paint reduces user health risks Made in USA Quik Stik - Fast-Drying Solid Paint in Twist-Up Holder Tempilstik - Fast, Accurate Surface Temperature Indicator Features: Stick instantly melts at designated temperature for easy and immediate visual inspection Calibration-free with 100% reliability Imprinted part number, temperature and lot code across entire stick for improved traceability Accurate to within +/-1% of Fahrenheit rated temperature Made in USA Compliances: Complies with preheat temperature requirements of AWS D1.1, ASME Code Sec. I, III and VIII, ANSI/ASME Code B31.1 and B31.3 Item No. Mfr. No. Temperature (F) Net Price 111966191 28000 100 $139.80 111966195 28006 150 139.80 111966201 28012 200 139.80 111966206 28019 250 139.80 111966213 28026 300 139.80 111966218 28031 350 139.80 111966222 28035 400 139.80 111966225 28039 450 139.80 111966229 28043 500 139.80 111966231 28045 550 139.80 111966232 28046 575 139.80 111966233 28047 600 139.80 Brand BRITE-MARK Paint Markers Valve-actuated paint markers write permanent, bold, nonskip markings on almost any surface. Features: Quick drying, oil-based paint Withstands indoor and outdoor conditions Does not fade or lose its capacity Unique valve actuated tip prevents drying out of tip Non-xylene based formula Complies with RoHS restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment Applications: For marking and identifying on a wide variety of surfaces and materials Dry Time: 35 s Pkg. Qty.: 12 I Item No. Mfr. No. Color Net Price 102155952 84001 Blue $45.24 102155236 84004 Yellow 45.24 102144735 84005 Orange 45.24 102157724 84002 Black 45.24 102143485 84003 White 45.24 102167625 84006 Red 45.24 102144929 84007 Green 45.24 Brand High Purity 44 Marker Features: Marking on stainless steel or any surface where degradation, contamination or other adverse effects are a concern Contains trace amounts of halogens and low melting metals, and is low in chlorides Designed with a valve action mechanism that allows the marker tip to be re-inked, even when the cap is left off Marker barrel is threaded so it can be secured in a jig or apparatus for continuous marking applications Unique cap design features a clip that prevents the marker from rolling and can easily be secured to a clip board or in your pocket Ideal for welding, aircraft industries, marine industries, power plants, automotive plants and oil and natural gas refineries Paint will not contaminate or adversely affect surface being marked Meets or exceeds the specifications for GE Nuclear Energy, GE Aircraft Engines and the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration (nuclear grade) I Item No. Mfr. No. Color Net Price 102201319 44404 Black $6.95 We make ordering easy! Call, e-mail, walk in or visit today! Don't Forget... Pkg. Qty.: 12 Pkg. Qty.: 12

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