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240 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Janitorial Products HydroForce Glass Cleaner Professional Strength Ammonia-fortified formula contains a foaming agent for greater coverage and less run-off when cleaning vertical surfaces. Features: For professional strength, streak-free glass cleaning Ready to use Biodegradable Nonabrasive foaming action Nonflammable Streak-free performance Quickly cuts through the toughest dirt, dust, fingerprint and haze deposits Does not contain solvents or other harmful ingredients Does not contain any ozone-depleting substances Applications: Glass Fiberglass Mirrors Stainless steel Polished metals Plastic Chrome Linoleum Compliances: NSF C1 registered for use in meat and poultry plants * I Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Net Wt. (oz) Container Net Price 101851921 14412* 20 18 Aerosol $6.02 101850417 14411 32 - Trigger Spray Bottle 9.97 Windex Glass Cleaner Features: Cleans with Ammonia-D for a streak-free shine Loosens soil upon contact Won't streak or leave a film Cleans chrome, stainless steel, Plexiglas and other hard surfaces Does not contain phosphates Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Pkg. Qty. Net Price 101591556 DRK90135 32 Bottle w/ Trigger 12 $85.70 UPS safe shipping. Formula 409 Glass & Surface Cleaner Features: Cleans and shines windows, mirrors, stainless steel and other hard surfaces with less streaking Dissolves food and petroleum grease on hard surfaces Cannot ship UPS Item No. Mfr. No. Size (oz) Container Pkg. Qty. Net Price 101681389 CLO35293CT 32 Spray Bottle 9 $47.12 Soap Dispenser Touch Free White Dispenser Black Dispenser Product Description Item No. Mfr. No. Size (mL) Color Net Price GOJO 800 Series Bag-in-Box Dispenser 112515588 9037-12 800 White $20.25 GOJO FMX Dispenser 101935237 5150-06 1,250 Dove Gray 23.62 112692045 5271-06 2,000 Black 25.67 GOJO PRO TDX System 101986990 7200-01 2,000 Black 26.19 101968074 7500-01 5,000 Black 35.00 GOJO TFX Touch Free Dispenser 102175440 2740-12 1,200 Gray 101.35 PROVON FMX Dispenser 113817526 5277-06 2,000 White 25.67 Heavy Duty Canister Bracket 105507763 6001-06 a - White 18.77 a Use with 6282-06 or 6283-06. Discover My Applied Catalog (MAC) Quick Order Capabilities Multichannel Quote & Order History Enhanced Search & Navigation Most Frequent & Recent Purchases Auto Replenish or Reminder Control MRO Spend & Streamline the Procurement Process List Management

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