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473 Power Transmission All Things Industrial Orange Peel Motor Coupling Guard Orange Peel Motor Coupling Guards are a patented "trim and fit" polyethylene product that offers safety compliance, cost savings and simplified maintenance. Orange Peel guards are sized to your overall application dimensions and trimmed to fit between the connected equipment. Risers are optional. All hardware is stainless steel. Supplied in safety orange color. Compliances: OSHA, ASME and ANSI standards NEMA Motor Frame Coupling Dia. (in) Max. Coupling Length (in) Min. Shaft Center Height w/o Riser (in) Max. Shaft Center Height w/o Riser (in) Max. Shaft Size (in) Overall Height (in) Overall Width (in) Overall Length (in) Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 56-210 4.00 3 1/2 3 5 1/4 1.38 8.57 8 7.38 101904991 MCG0500A-OA CPLG $56.37 180-280 6.38 5 4 1/2 7 1/2 2.13 12.02 12 9.94 101904694 MCG1500A-OA CPLG 93.75 280-440 9.63 7 1/4 7 11 1/2 3.88 18.13 18 13.62 101907658 MCG2500A-OA CPLG 158.58 Orange Peel Motor Coupling Guard Steel Riser Type MCG risers are made from powder-coated steel and are used to elevate the guard (closed bottom). Overall Height (in) Overall Length (in) Overall Width (in) Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 2 9.94 5.81 101905272 MCG1530A-PS2.0/51 $63.57 4 9.94 5.81 101945792 MCG1540A-PS4.0/102 63.57 6 9.94 5.81 101945791 MCG1550A-PS6.0/152 63.57 13.62 8.38 101903964 MCG2540A-PS6.0/152 84.07 Also available in stainless steel. Contact your local Applied service center for more information. When placing your order, please refer to the Item Number to help ensure that your order is fulfilled quickly and accurately. Don't Forget... Did You Know? Orange Peel guards comply with OSHA, ASME and ANSI standards. Look for a Safety Orange guard, gaps no greater than 0.250" (6 mm) and ANSI Z535.4 compliant warning labels. Plus, Applied can do a safety assessment to recommend modifications, labeling and retrofits to upgrade your guard safety program. Visit for access to more than 2.5 million parts! Don't Forget...

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