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618 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Pneumatic Products DAS Series Dry Air System Features: Point-of-use application, bringing clean dry air just where you need it Approved to international standards designed in accordance with ASME VIII Div. 1, approved to CSA/UL/CRN and fully CE marked (PED, EMC, LVD) as standard Simple to install - flexible installation utilizing the multiple in-line inlet and outlet connection ports Compact and lightweight - can be floor, bench or wall/canopy mounted Very quiet operation - noise level less than 70 dBA Can be installed almost anywhere, IP66/NEMA 4 protection as standard Audible alarm - indicating service interval for optimal performance Simple and easy to maintain - due to the quick release top cap arrangement, which does not require the inlet/outlet ports to be disconnected as with traditional systems, maintenance can be achieved in under 15 minutes Temperature Range: 35 F to 122 F Operating Pressure: 58 psig to 175 psig Port Size: 3/8 in NPT Flow (scfm) Voltage Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 5 115 111954772 DAS2-115-60-CSA $2,042.45 10 115 112864084 DAS4-115-60-CSA 2,717.68 15 115 112864085 DAS6-115-60-CSA 2,954.52 20 115 112232271 DAS7-115-60-CSA 3,252.30 Features: Water vapor is removed from compressed air using a dryer, with dryer performance being measured as pressure dewpoint Adsorption or desiccant dryers remove moisture by passing air over a regenerative adsorbent material that strips the moisture from the air This type of dryer is extremely efficient and typical pressure dewpoint ratings are -40 F or -100 F (-40 C or -70 C) pdp Beneficially, a pressure dewpoint of -15 F (-26 C) or better will not only prevent corrosion, but will also inhibit the growth of microorganisms within the compressed air system Point-of-use application, bringing clean dry air just where you need it Ideal for applications where very dry air is required Dew points of -40 F (-40 C) standard Pre-filter and after filter included with dryers Solid state controller DL option includes dew point dependent switch light, including energy-saving purge cycle control with high humidity alarm and indicator light Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz Operating Pressure: 80 psi to 150 psi Port Type: NPT Port Size (in) Flow (scfm) Item No. Mfr. No. Depth (in) Height (in) Width (in) Net Price 1 107 105963408 PTW100-DL 35 80 27 $10,694.99 1 1/2 200 110374786 PTW200-DL 28 78 44 12,888.14 300 110374787 PTW300-DL 30 78 44 15,074.46 2 400 110374788 PTW400-DL 41 84 74 16,892.22 500 110374789 PTW500-DL 41 85 74 18,479.06 Dryers and Separators Compressed Air Dryers are used to remove water and other contaminants from compressed air. The most common types are refrigerated (which removes the water by cooling the air) and regenerative (most commonly desiccant - which adsorbs the water in the air with granular material such as activated alumina or silica gel). The air can be dried in single or multiple stages to prevent tool corrosion, lubrication loss and other problems associated with water in air lines. Separators remove moisture through standard filtration or coalescing filtration. Bulk Liquid Separator Features: High liquid removal efficiencies at all flow conditions Low pressure losses for low operational costs Multiple port sizes for given flow rate provide increased flexibility during installation Suitable for variable flow compressors Works with all types of compressors and compressor condensates Low maintenance Lightweight, cast aluminum housing Internal and external surface epoxy painted for maximum corrosion resistance Applications: Bulk liquid removal at any point in compressed air system Protection of refrigeration and heatless regenerative desiccant dryers Liquid removal from compressor intercoolers/aftercoolers Liquid separation within refrigeration dryers Prefiltration Compliances: Tested in accordance with ISO 8573.9 Port Type: NPT Port Location: Top Port Temperature Range: 35 F to 176 F Max. Pressure: 232 psig Item No. Mfr. No. Flow (scfm) Port Size (in) Net Price 101473316 P3TFA92WAAN 21 1/4 $142.62 101470651 P3TFA93WBAN 85 3/8 193.48 101471918 P3TFA94WCAN 85 1/2 193.48 101483460 P3TFA96WDAN 233 3/4 238.83 101483553 P3TFA98WEAN 233 1 246.96 101473701 P3TFA9BWGAN 742 1 1/2 269.18 101473417 P3TFA9CWHAN 742 2 497.46 101473416 P3TFA9EWKAN 1,695 3 1,076.60

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