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622 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Pneumatic Products Air Preparation Products & Accessories Filter, regulator, lubricator (FRL) assemblies are pre-packaged or modular assemblies of common configurations of air filters, regulators and lubricators. These combination units remove contamination, reduce pressure fluctuations, ensure proper pressure levels and maximize equipment life through proper lubrication. Arrangement of the components is critical. The filter should be the first component after the shut-off or lockout valve. The regulator is immediately downstream of the filter, and then the lubricator is attached to the regulator. These components, functioning as one unit, ensure compressed air quality and overall pneumatic system efficiency. Compressed air filters are used to remove water, oil, dirt, solids and numerous other types of contaminants from a compressed air system. Compressed air is widely used in industrial applications for pneumatic actuation, or to control and cool various types of components. Small particles of contaminants can seriously affect the wear and operation of pneumatic components and pneumatically operated equipment. Contamination of the air supply not only leads to poor performance, but it also results in increased maintenance costs and decreased productivity. Proper maintenance of compressed air filters helps ensure that the system is more efficient, safe and trouble free. The types of compressed air filters range from general-purpose to coalescing filters. General-purpose filters are used in a variety of industrial applications to remove liquid and solid particle contaminants, typically from 5 to 40 microns. Coalescing filters are used to filter water, oil droplets, aerosols and other particulate matter at the sub- micron level. When selecting a compressed air filter, it is important to understand the meaning of the stated filter particle size. For example, a 5 micron filter would block any particles or droplets 5 microns or larger in diameter. Other important considerations should include the maximum air volume passed through the filter (typically measured in standard cubic feet per minute or SCFM in the U.S.), and the pressure level (measured in psi). Air pressure regulators are devices that control or regulate the pressure in air lines for pneumatic tools, components and compressed air systems. They are adjustable, and maintain constant and accurate downstream pressure. Regulators are important in ensuring the efficiency and safety of a pneumatic system. For example, since system pressure determines the force or torque on a cylinder or motor, it is imperative that it is set at a level to ensure maximum efficiency. The product life of a regulator can be fairly long and it requires minimal maintenance. Use of a filter is definitely recommended with a regulator, so that contamination is removed from the system. Maintaining regulated pressure at the minimum level required by a pneumatic system can result in substantial savings. These savings manifest themselves both in a reduction in the required load from the compressor, as well as reduced wear of system components. Air line lubricators are used to add lubrication in controlled amounts to the interior surfaces of pneumatic components. Lubricators ensure that pneumatic devices and components receive the proper amount of lubrication so that operational performance and equipment life are maximized. The most common types are mist and micro-mist. Most point-of-use lubricators are mist type, which are effective to around 15 feet, depending on piping. Micro-mist lubricators are used for equipment located furthest from the lubricator. Lubrication is necessary so that friction is minimized between moving parts in a pneumatic system. Lubricators, if cleaned regularly and the proper oil is used, require little additional maintenance. Filters/Regulators are air filters and air pressure regulators, packaged together, usually in a space-saving design. These units provide the necessary regulation and filtration of a pneumatic system. The filter removes liquid, oil and other contaminants while the regulator maintains a precise level of pressure within the system. These components used in conjunction with each other, help preserve equipment life and maximize system efficiency. Compressor Aftercooler Bulk Liquid Separator Air Reciever Zero Air Loss Drain General Purpose Oil-Free Air Regenerative Desiccant Dryer Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer Point of Use Application Compressor Room Refrigeration Dryer 5 Micron Filter .01 Micron Filter .5 Micron Filter .01 Micron Filter Critical Applications Critical Applications

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