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639 Pneumatic Products All Things Industrial Body Connector Kit Body connectors allow for easy assembly and disassembly of modular components. The body connector pulls the units together against the one-piece seal, allowing for a tight seal. Because the one-piece seal is firmly mounted into the retainer, there are no o-rings to fall out or become misaligned. Body connectors are not supplied with manifold blocks. Includes: One set of connectors Series Type Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 05 Economy 100493577 PS954P $11.36 06 Compact 100493550 PS754P 12.32 07 Standard 100493567 PS854P 13.07 Port Block Connector Kit Port block connectors are used to couple an FRL component with a threaded pipe. Installing port blocks instead of threading pipe directly to the FRL permits easy replacement without disturbing piping and can reduce spare parts inventory. Instead of stocking multiple FRL units of the same body size (series) with different port sizes, a single FRL unit can be fitted to a range of pipe sizes with port blocks. Includes: All necessary pieces to make two port connections Port Type: NPT Series Type Port Size (in) Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 06, 16 Compact 1/4 100560485 PS750P a $29.94 3/8 100493549 PS751P a 32.99 1/2 100560486 PS752P a 32.99 07, 17 Standard 3/8 100493565 PS851P 34.24 1/2 100560502 PS852P 31.09 3/4 100493566 PS853P 31.09 a Use 1/4" or 3/8" ported bodies. Modular Manifold Block A modular manifold block can be used between any two modular units to give additional outlet ports. Any standard pipe plug can be used to close off unused ports. Features: Block provides two additional outlets in 3/8" and 1/2" sizes Port Type: NPT Series Size Designation Item No. Mfr. No. Port Size (in) No. of Ports Net Price 06, 16 Compact 100493553 PS757P 3/8 4 $32.82 07, 17 Standard 100560504 PS857P 1/2 4 32.14 Wall Mounting Bracket Kit Wall mounting kits provide solid mounting of modular FRL assemblies. Order two kits per FRL assembly. Includes: 1 bracket and hardware Item No. Mfr. No. Series Size Designation Net Price 100493551 PS755P 06, 07 Compact, Standard $11.03 Wall mounting bracket kit Body connector kit Port block connector kit Mounting Bracket Kit This plated steel mounting bracket is prefabricated to save time in mounting FRLs to walls, machine surfaces, unistruts or aluminum framing material. Order one kit per FRL component. Includes: Mounting fasteners Component Series Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price Regulator 05 100493581 PS963P a $11.96 06, 11 100560473 PS707P a 12.13 07, 12 100560490 PS807P a 12.13 Regulator, Filter, Lubricator 10, 14 100493520 PS417BP 9.38 P3N 100560374 P3NKA00MW 51.33 Filter, Lubricator 06, 11, 16 100493547 PS743P 11.67 07, 12, 17 100560499 PS843P 11.67 a Panel mount nut included. Panel Mount Nut Panel mount nut is used to secure pressure regulators on a control panel or mounting bracket. Use one per regulator. Features: Standard nut fits both compact and full-sized regulators Maximum panel thickness 3/16" Hole diameter required 1 3/16" Metal Series Type Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 06, 07 Compact, Standard 110020532 P04079B $7.91 05 Economy 100494082 PS964P 8.82 14 Miniature 100493417 P01531 4.79 Plastic Series Type Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 14 Miniature 100493424 P78652 $4.11 06, 07 Compact, Standard 101572443 P04082 7.81

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