Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page 673 Pneumatic Products

673 Pneumatic Products All Things Industrial SM Item No. Mfr. No. Adjustment Range (psi) Switch Rating (A) Connector Net Price 102008580 PPS1-1C3-RHM 20 to 120 3 DIN 9.4 mm $92.86 102008905 PPS1-1C3-RWL 20 to 120 3 18 in Flying Leads 64.92 PPS1-1C3-RWL PPS1-1C3-RHM Temperature Range: Body Material: Brass The pressure switch monitors the air pressure in your pneumatic system. When the pressure in your system either drops below or exceeds the set point pressure, an electrical output is given. Alternate pressure ranges are available. NEMA 4,13. Adjustable Pressure Switch Item No. Mfr. No. Port Size (in) Max. Pressure (psi) Discharge (gal/h) Discharge Time Net Price 102164498 06D1NA 1/4 250 27 Automatic $71.56 Temperature Range: Drain Interval: Automatic Supply Voltage: None Required Valve Material: Aluminum Valve Type: Float Port Type: NPT The Parker Drip-Leg drain is a float-operated valve that requires no energy or adjustment to automatically exhaust condensate from an air distribution system. Install at a low point in the system where condensation will flow and collect. Ideal locations are in a drip leg at the end of a header or in the drip leg of a point-of-use air drop. Condensate Drain Pressure switches monitor air pressure in a system. When the pressure drops below or exceeds the set point pressure, an electrical output is transmitted. Product Tip Water contamination can cause a multitude of problems, from reduced equipment efficiency to unnecessary downtime and costly repairs. Condensate drains can help extend the life of pneumatic components by collecting and draining water and water vapor contaminants from a compressed air system. Product Tip

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