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686 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Pneumatic Products HOW TO ORDER SR SERIES AIR CYLINDERS How To Order Code Non-Standard Rods For non-standard rod dimensions, or undersized rod end threads, put a "3" in model number and describe the rod using the letters shown in the drawing. Specify CC, LE and A dimensions. Full Diameter Rod End Threads Undersized Rod End Threads *Requires an S designation in model number. Source: Parker Y 3 C S V B SR D K C Bore Size Cushion Head Double Rod Mounting Style Series Piston Seals Special Non-Standard Rod Non-Standard Rod Dimensions Cushion Cap Stroke 0 1. 6 Specify .31 5/16" .44 7/16" .56 9/16" .75 3/4" .88 7/8" 1.06 1 1/16" 1.25 1 1/4" 1.50 1 1/2" 1.75 1 3/4" 2.00 2" 2.50 2 1/2" 3.00 3" Available only with DX and DXH mounts. Specify: N, NR, NRP, P, R, RP, D, DP, DXP, DX, DXH, A, RA, AP, AR, BRN, BRR, BFD, BRD, BFN, BFR, TRN, TRR, TFD, TRD, TFN or TFR. All models Specify: B only when bumpers are required. Specify: V only when fluorocarbon seals are required. Specify: W only when rod wiper is required. Specify: S only if special modifications are required, except piston rod end. Specify: Y only for stainless steel piston rod. 303 stainless steel is standard on all bore sizes up to and including 1.50" bore. Specify: 3 only for special piston rod end. Specify: CC, LE and A Dimensions (see below). Specify: C only when cushion cap is required. Specify in inches. Specify: C only when cushion head is required. 0 2. 0

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