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702 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Pneumatic Products In-Line Brass Needle Valve Provides an excellent bi-directional speed control. The valves are manufactured with a two-step needle. Fine metering is accomplished over the initial adjustment turns, and nominal metering is provided over the remaining turns. Once the desired flow is selected, a setscrew can be tightened to maintain the setting. Features: corrosion resistance are machined from brass stock Material: Brass Port Type: NPTF Max. Pressure: 2,000 psi Item No. Mfr. No. Port Size (in) Net Price 101759365 N20-BK 1/4 $60.62 101760658 N25-BK 3/8 79.74 Check Valve The Legris in-line check valve allows air to pass in one direction while blocking the flow in the other direction. The body of the fitting has an arrow to indicate the direction of flow. A pressure of more than 7 psi will overcome the spring pressure, which keeps the valve closed, thus allowing the passage of air. If the pressure differential is lower than 3.6 psi, the passage is blocked. 7996 In-line, Tube x Tube 7995, Male Threaded Features: Material: Composite & Nickel-Plated Brass Operating Pressure Range: 15 psi to 145 psi Temperature Range: Seal Material: Buna-N In-line, Tube x Tube Tube Size Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 5/32 in, 4 mm 102221203 7996 04 00 $19.15 1/4 in 102182460 7996 56 00 21.34 5/16 in, 8 mm 102108724 7996 08 00 24.25 3/8 in 102134714 7996 60 00 29.15 Male Threaded Check Valve (Meter Out) Tube Size (in) Male Thread Size (in) Thread Type Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 3/8 NPT 102114168 7995 60 18 $29.15 Stainless Steel Check Valve Legris stainless steel check valve blocks the fluid passage when the pressure differential is lower than 3.6 psi. Body Material: Stainless Steel Seal Material: FKM Operating Pressure Range: 7 psi to 580 psi Temperature Range: Port Type: NPT Double Female Thread Item No. Mfr. No. Port Size (in) Net Price 101856287 4895 14 14 1/4 $104.20 101856672 4895 22 22 1/2 125.20

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