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732 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Hydraulic Products Cartridge Element for High Pressure Filters Elements for high pressure filters provide protection for individual components. Select elements based on series of head, length of selected bowl and micron rating required to protect the downstream component. Synthetic media provides superior protection and is available in a wide range of micron ratings. Features: Advanced pleat pack design provides premium protection for equipment, superior performance in demanding applications Unmatched dirt-holding capacity - extended filter life High efficiency media grades - superior system protection Media: Synthetic Filter Series Item No. Mfr. No. x(c)=1000 (m) Element Length (in) Collapse Rating (psi) Net Price FPK02/HPK02 100720129 P566215 5 12 150 $147.32 110005115 P566368 5 12 3,000 467.83 110028998 P566338 12 8 3,000 192.37 101459033 P566369 12 3,000 481.87 110026525 P566217 12 12.91 150 154.81 HPK03/HPK04 100720122 P566210 5 8 150 139.17 101424066 P566366 5 8 3,000 393.42 100720134 P566220 5 16 150 165.69 101424317 P566370 5 16 3,000 714.71 100720136 P566222 12 16 150 192.59 100720124 P566212 14 8 150 116.37 100720144 P566367 14 8 3,000 497.02 101423712 P566371 14 16 3,000 645.56 High Pressure Filter Bowl Bowl for high pressure filters attaches to the filter head and holds the filter element. Selection should be based on filter head series and element requirements. Made of ductile iron for strength and durability. Filter Series Item No. Mfr. No. Max. Working Pressure (psi) Element Length (in) Element Options Net Price FPK02 100180547 P762769 6,000 4 P566197, P566195, P566336, P566335 $111.62 100180548 P762770 6,000 8 P566202, P566200, P566338, P566337 141.13 HPK03 100178954 P179579 3,000 8 P566212, P566210, P566367, P566366 189.55 HPK04 100176892 P567649 6,000 13 P566217, P566215, P566369, P566368 457.52 100176891 P567648 6,000 16 P566222, P566220, P566371, P566370 484.68 High Pressure Filter Head High pressure filters are ideal for protecting individual components in hydraulic systems. Contamination generated from upstream components can migrate to downstream, expensive components that are critical to your operations. FPK02 Series HPK04 Series Features: Inline mounting Cartridge-style element Filter Series Item No. Mfr. No. Max. Working Pressure (psi) Port Size (in) Port Type By-Pass Pressure (psi) Reverse Flow Check Valve Filter Service Gauge / Indicator Bowl Options Net Price FPK02 100180544 P762766 6,000 3/4 SAE-12 87 No Order P171945 (Visual) Separately P762769, P762770 $213.66 100180545 P762767 6,000 3/4 SAE-12 87 Yes Order P171945 (Visual) Separately P762769, P762770 302.78 HPK03 100178431 P170489 3,000 3/4 SAE-12 50 No Visual Indicator, Left Side P179579 330.15 HPK04 100176885 P567639 3,000 1 1/2 Code 61 Flange 50 No Visual Indicator, Left Side P567648, P567649 486.65 100176886 P567640 3,000 1 1/2 Code 61 Flange 90 No Visual Indicator, Left Side P567648, P567649 549.53 100176887 P567641 3,000 1 1/2 Code 61 Flange Non-Bypass No Visual Indicator, Left Side P567648, P567649 399.63 Filter head, bowl and filter element are sold separately to match your specific application. Choose a filter head based on pressure requirements and select bowl and element to match flow requirements. As a general rule, oversize the filter for maximum performance. Product Tip High pressure filters are designed to be installed upstream in a hydraulic system, before key system components. These types of filters can be selected for your application by choosing a head assembly, a hydraulic cartridge and the appropriate filter housing to complete the assembly. The head assembly should be selected by flow and pressure requirements. The hydraulic cartridge should be selected based on the required micron rating. Longer elements can hold more contamination for a longer period between element changes, and they also allow more flow. The filter housing should be selected by series and matched to the length of the element. All three components need to be ordered separately. Product Tip Pages 735-741 for a complete listing of filter interchanges. SEE ALSO...

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