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742 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Hydraulic Products Extended Series Breather Features: State-of-the-art in design and function Ideal choice for assuring maximum machine performance Elimination of water contaminated oil, which leads to additive stripping Elimination of rust forming condensation Elimination of sludge deposits Less abrasive particles to prolong machine operating life Longer oil and oil filter life Applications: Storage tanks Wind turbines Large gearboxes Remote applications Flow Connection Size (in) Connection Type Absorption Capacity Height (in) Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 24 cfm @ 2 psid 1 Female NPT 27.0 floz/798 mL 10.0 111031835 DC-EX-4X $188.58 25 cfm @ 2 psid 1 Female NPT 20.5 floz/606 mL 8.2 111058991 DC-EX-3 182.16 26 cfm @ 2 psid 1 Female NPT 14.1 floz/417 mL 6.4 110877872 DC-EX-2 164.06 27 cfm @ 2 psid 1 Female NPT 7.7 floz/227 mL 4.7 111058989 DC-EX-1 147.32 Extreme Duty Breather Des-Case's most versatile breather for a variety of both stationary and mobile equipment, the XD Breather can combat the most unforgiving manufacturing environments. Features: Rugged alloy housing for increased vibration resistance High airflow capacity of 16 cfm Integrated check valves isolate the system from ambient conditions Ideal for harsh environments, high temperatures, mobile and nautical applications Water vapor adsorbent Particulate filtration down to 0.3 micron Connection Size (in) Connection Type Absorption Capacity (mL) Height (in) Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 1 1/2 Female Straight Thread 315 6.51 101016118 DC-XD-6 $198.18 Rebuildable Steel Breather These steel breathers were designed specifically for applications where there are very high temperatures, extremely dirty air or a corrosive environment. They are ruggedly designed, with housings of epoxy-coated carbon steel or stainless. The hygroscopic agent (desiccant) is enclosed in a bag of polyester filter material. This desiccant bag filter is easily installed when it is time to replace or recharge the unit. Features: Eliminates water contamination of oil or other fluids Eliminates rust and corrosion inside container Increases oil and filter life Reduced abrasive wear, downtime and repair costs Improved lubricant performance Eliminates chemical reactions or spoilage More reliable equipment performance Flow Connection Size NPT (in) Absorption Capacity (L) Height (in) Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 140 cfm @ 0.5 psid 3 4.5 22 1/2 101016123 DC-RS-25 $1,804.43 115 cfm @ 0.5 psid 3 9.0 31 1/4 101016124 DC-RS-50 2,255.56 80 cfm @ 0.5 psid 3 13.5 39 3/4 101016125 DC-RS-75 2,819.46 Available in other sizes. Contact your local Applied service center for details. HydroGuard Breather From the expansion chamber system to the check valves, every element of Des-Case's patented HydroGuard breather has been designed to stand up to the wide variety of industries and applications, taking advantage of Des-Case's contamination control expertise. Features: Ideal for gearboxes, washdowns and high humidity areas Desiccant, particulate filtration ensures incoming air is clean and dry Expansion chamber and check valve system ensures no excess pressure/vacuum builds and isolates oil reservoir from extreme ambient humidity Flow Connection Size (in) Absorption Capacity Height (in) Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 1.41 cfm @ 1 psid 3/8 1.68 floz/49.6 mL 7.22 101356694 DC-HG-1 $97.17 2.50 cfm @ 1 psid 1 4.05 floz/120 mL 9.75 101016111 DC-HG-8 144.41 VentGuard Breather Des-Case VentGuard breathers were designed with gearboxes in mind, featuring check valves that "breathe" only when necessary. The VentGuard's check valve technology isolates the system from ambient conditions, making it an ideal solution for applications in high humidity of frequent washdown environments. Features: Internal check valve system creates a nearly sealed system Integrated nylon standpipe/clear polycarbonate casing Filter element captures particles at 3 micron absolute Eliminates rust-forming condensation Prevents sludge deposits and water contaminated oil Provides longer oil and filter life Flow Connection Size NPT (in) Absorption Capacity Height (in) Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 1.45 cfm @ 1 psid 3/8 0.8 floz/23.3 mL 3.90 101775179 DC-VG-BB $66.28 1.7 floz/49.6 mL 5.31 101016112 DC-VG-1 78.09 1.80 cfm @ 1 psid 1 11.3 floz/333.0 mL 10.13 101016113 DC-VG-4 141.22 2.28 cfm @ 1 psid 1 7.5 floz/220.3 mL 8.13 101726664 DC-VG-3 128.43 2.50 cfm @ 1 psid 1 4.0 floz/118.2 mL 6.13 101324948 DC-VG-2 115.48 Breathers should be changed at the same time as other filter elements to extend the life of hydraulic systems. Product Tip

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