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764 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Hydraulic Products In-Line Sectional Valve Building your own custom valve assembly has never been easier. The Gresen V20 series allows you to choose how many functions to control and is ready to accept a variety of kits to further customize your valve. This rugged cast valve handles flows up to 20 gpm and pressures up to 3,500 psi. Just follow the numbers to pick the components required. Features: Field repairable SAE and NPT ports available 1) Pick a left and a right cover Item No. Mfr. No. Component Max. Flow (gpm) Max. Pressure (psi) Net Price 101992261 08650024 a Right Cover, Outlet Cover, Machined for End Power Beyond (SAE-12) 30 3,500 $73.66 102149316 08650029 Left Cover, Inlet Cover (SAE-12) 30 3,500 101.13 2) Add up to nine of the following work sections in any combination Item No. Mfr. No. Component Max. Flow (gpm) Max. Pressure (psi) Net Price 101991651 08650016 b To be used with single-acting cylinders Work Section, 3-Way/3-Pos (SAE-10) 30 3,500 $176.99 102036164 08650020 b To be used with double-acting cylinders Work Section, 4-Way/3-Pos (SAE-10) 30 3,500 167.50 102004903 08650018 b To be used with hydraulic motors Work Section, 4-Way/3-Pos Free Flow (SAE-10) 30 3,500 177.89 3) Pick the bolt kit for the appropriate number of sections (only one required per assembly) Item No. Mfr. No. Component Net Price 101991847 08650087 Bolt Kit, One Section $15.30 102005459 08650088 Bolt Kit, Two Section 15.30 101992608 08650089 Bolt Kit, Three Section 19.57 102007712 08650090 Bolt Kit, Four Section 34.03 101993641 08650091 Bolt Kit, Five Section 34.81 101994295 08650092 Bolt Kit, Six Section 50.60 4) Choose a pressure relief in the left cover Item No. Mfr. No. Component Net Price 102004951 K-20-NR No Relief Plug $41.01 101589641 RP51A-3000 Adjustable Relief Valve (500 to 3,500 psi) 140.29 5) Choose from the following to complete the assembly Item No. Mfr. No. Component Net Price 102006944 08650099 c Closed Center Plug $16.11 101994298 08650105 d Detent Kit, 3-Position 38.27 102005460 08650151 e Vertical Handle Kit (Black) 26.80 c Closed Center Plug : Install this plug in the outlet cover when system is using a variable volume pump. These cannot be used if a power beyond plug is being added. d Detent Kit : This kit will take the place of the spring centering assembly on the work sections. With this kit installed, the spool will remain in any of the three work positions in which it is manually placed. e Handle Kit : Handle kits include all hardware to attach the handle to the valve section. In-Line Monoblock Valve Cross in-line directional control valves are used for operating double-acting cylinders or a reversible hydraulic motor. SA2 SBA22 SBA222 SBA2 & SBA2-ORB SCA2 Features: Three-position, four-way, spring-centered Spools are select fit for above-average "load-hold" capabilities SA and SBA Series: cylinder load checks, differential poppet, excellent metering, power beyond and closed center conversion capability Item No. Mfr. No. Old Gresen No. Rated Flow (gpm) Max. Pressure (psi) No. of Levers Port Size Work Ports Net Price 101857583 SA2 - 15 3,000 1 SAE-10 SAE-8 $153.83 101859130 SBA2 a SP4-HP/SPXTE-4-HP 30 2,500 1 3/4 in NPT 1/2 167.11 102081725 SBA2-ORB a - 30 2,500 1 SAE-12 SAE-8 168.53 110002036 SBA22 a SP4-4-HP/SPXTE-4-4-HP 30 2,500 2 3/4 in NPT 1/2 251.83 110002038 SBA222 a SP4-4-4-HP/SPXTE-4-4-4-HP 30 2,500 3 3/4 in NPT 1/2 330.33 101836113 SCA2 b 400 30 1,500 1 3/4 in NPT 1/2 114.53 a End outlet and inlet standard. Optional top ports may be ordered. b Horizontal or motor applications only. Not for lifting. Mobile Directional Valves Mobile directional control valves are manufactured in two distinct configurations. Monoblock valves have a single casting machined with one, two or three spools. Sectional valves use an inlet and outlet section that sandwich up to nine individual work sections for more custom applications. Both types of valves use a spool that is manually controlled with a handle to direct fluid from the inlet port to the two work ports. Valves should be selected to handle the required system pressure and flow. Accessory kits contain all required parts to modify the valves for various options. All valves are standard spring centered which brings the spool back to its neutral position. Optional detent kits allow spools to hold in each of the three positions. Closed center plugs convert some valves for use with pressure compensated variable displacement pump. a 3/4 in SAE-12 o-ring port size. b SAE-10 port size.

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