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791 Hydraulic Products All Things Industrial SM Clean, Modern & Intuitive Design Online Ordering Shopping Cart Enhancements Multichannel Quote & Order History Enhanced Search & Navigation Introducing the Quote Pad Control MRO Spend & Streamline the Procurement Process List Management Check out the all-new Rated Flow (L/min) Level Size Code Center Position Spool Code Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 24 1 3 P Blocked, A and B to Tank 111105618 849AN00007A $3,429.91 P, A, B, T Blocked 111105619 849AN00002A 3,429.91 40 1 3 P Blocked, A and B to Tank 110395454 849AN00009A 3,564.06 P, A, B, T Blocked 110494862 849AN00123A 3,429.91 2 3 P Blocked, A and B to Tank VSC 111105617 849AN00143A 4,940.03 P, A, B, T Blocked VSC 110494870 849AN00125A 4,940.03 3 P, A, B, T Blocked VSC 111105653 849AN00129A 7,125.49 4 3 P Blocked, A and B to Tank VSC 111105596 849AN00165A 7,914.81 50 1 5 P Blocked, A and B to Tank 111105603 849AN00019A 4,174.47 P, A, B, T Blocked 111105605 849AN00018A 4,174.47 100 1 5 P Blocked, A and B to Tank 111105615 849AN00152A 4,174.47 P, A, B, T Blocked 110494864 849AN00103A 4,174.47 2 5 P Blocked, A and B to Tank VSC 111105601 849AN00154A 6,167.00 P, A, B, T Blocked VSC 111105602 849AN00148A 6,167.00 3 5 P, A, B, T Blocked VSC 111105600 849AN00177A 8,124.55 4 5 P Blocked, A and B to Tank VSC 111105599 849AN00191A 8,876.11 375 1 8 P, A, B, T Blocked 111105598 850AN00007A 6,097.77 2 8 P, A, B, T Blocked VSC 111105597 850AN00008A 7,607.89 Electrical Connection: 7 Pin Connector w/ Plug Solenoid: Single Voltage & Frequency: 24 VDC Built on the proven KB Servo Proportional Valve technology, Eatons next generation proportional valve provides two levels of performance in a two-stage modular design. These four-way solenoid operated proportional valves offer high dynamic performance, which enables them to be used in closed loop applications previously only possible using conventional servo valves. AxisPro Servo-Performance Proportional Directional Valve Directional Control Valves Directional control valves direct the flow from the pump to the actuators or other sections of the hydraulic circuit. These valves are manufactured in a variety of styles to function in different applications. Typically they are actuated either manually or electrically. They are returned to their neutral state with a spring or held in each position with a detent mechanism. Generally used to control the direction of a hydraulic motor or cylinder, they can also perform other functions in a circuit. The two major groups of directional valves are subplate mounted or body ported. The subplate-mounted valves require an individual subplate or manifold to connect the plumbing to the rest of the system. Body ported valves can either be a monoblock style with all of the required ports machined in a cast body or a sectional style that can be assembled to meet the requirements of most applications. Don't Forget...

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