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794 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Hydraulic Products Warren Electric Corp. "HL" (Hydraulic/Lube) Series Electric Immersion Tank Heater General Purpose Enclosure LT Weather-Resistant Enclosure Electric immersion heaters specifically designed with low watt densities for direct immersion in hydraulic and lube systems. Heavy-duty terminal enclosures available to protect integral thermostats and electrical connections from outdoor and/or hazardous locations. Features: Standard heaters designed from 1/2 kW to 12 kW for mounting via 2", 2 1/2" and 3" NPT screw plugs as well as 4 1/2" O.D. flange mount Custom heaters available designed to user's specific requirement Heaters are designed for horizontal mounting approximately 3" to 6" from the bottom of the tank so that the heating elements are totally immersed at all times Heaters shown have 60 F to 250 F SPST thermostats; other temperature ranges are available Heaters with LT suffix have weather-resistant terminal enclosure Heaters without LT suffix have general-purpose, heavy cast aluminum terminal enclosure Applications: Fluid power Compressors Turbines and bearings Hydraulics Custom machinery Fluids needing low watt density Caution: Each installation should be designed so that the heated section of the heater is totally immersed at all times to avoid heater failure and/or possible damage to the fluid in the tank Temperature Range: 60 F to 250 F Connection Type: 2 in NPT Voltage Rating Dia. (in) Length (in) Immersed Length (in) Max. kW Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 120 VAC 5 23 7/8 18 1.00 101980337 2-PS-1-1-18 a $1,045.21 5 3/4 18 1/2 12 0.50 101973754 2-PS-.5-1-12-LT b 1,483.18 24 1/2 18 1.00 101961672 2-PS-1-1-18-LT b 1,570.12 480 VAC 3-Phase 5 23 7/8 18 1.00 101952017 2-PS-1-4-18*3 a 1,045.21 5 3/4 24 1/2 18 1.00 101953387 2-PS-1-4-18-LT*3 b 1,570.12 a General-purpose, heavy cast aluminum terminal enclosure. b Weather-resistant terminal enclosure. RM Series Air Cooled Rear Mount Oil Cooler for TEFC Mount These air-cooled heat exchangers are used in hydraulic systems to remove heat from the system. It is recommended by manufacturers that the oil not exceed 140 F. Excessive temperatures can cause the oil to oxidize, forming gum, varnish resins, sludge and acids. These by-products shorten the life of oil, cause valves to stick and can cause erratic operation of the hydraulic system. Excessive heat in the system also reduces efficiency while consuming more energy. Features: Rugged construction that resists vibration Low cost, case drain cooling Fully assembled and includes mounting brackets Rear-mount oil cooler; mounts behind existing TEFC motor for compact, low-cost application Applications: Low flow Case drain Max. Operating Pressure: 300 psi Max. Operating Temperature: 350 F Item No. Mfr. No. Flow Range (gpm) Port Size Heat Removed (hp) Fits Motor Frame Size Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Wt. (lb) Net Price 100635509 RM-08-12 1 to 15 SAE-12 3/4 48-184T 9.19 12 1/4 3.22 7 $238.07 100635513 RM-19-12 4 to 25 SAE-12 1 1/2 213T-256T 13.62 16 1/2 5.36 16 526.10 Heat removal based on oil leaving cooler 40 F above the ambient air temperature (40 F approach). BOL Series Aluminum Air Over Oil Cooler The BOL Series heat exchanger is designed for a variety of industrial applications. Features: High efficiency, brazed aluminum construction Compact design Eliminates costly water and sewer costs Industry standard Max. Operating Pressure: 250 psi Max. Operating Temperature: 300 F Item No. Mfr. No. Flow Range (gpm) Port Size Heat Removed (hp) Fits Motor Frame Size Voltage Rating Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Wt. (lb) Net Price 101635571 BOL-8-2-2 2 to 35 SAE-12 7 1/2 48C 115/230 12.56 15.81 15.94 45 $896.07 101672770 BOL-16-2-2 4 to 35 SAE-12 13 1/2 48C 115/230 16.33 19.69 16.43 55 1,003.86 101673600 BOL-30-2-2 15 to 80 SAE-20 27 1/2 56C 115/230 20.13 26.38 17.88 125 1,609.39 Heat removal based on 50 F Entering Temperature Difference (E.T.D.) between the inlet oil temperature and the ambient air temperature.

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