Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page 799 Hydraulic Products

799 Hydraulic Products All Things Industrial Clamp Bracket for Bladder Accumulator Heavy-duty mounting clamps are constructed of zinc-plated steel and utilize a rubber insert on the inside of the clamp to absorb vibration. Item No. Mfr. No. Bladder Size Max. Pressure (psi) Net Price 100328529 1466230000 1 qt 3,000 $126.99 100328501 1449080000 1 gal 3,000 129.72 100328500 1449070000 2.5 gal to 15 gal 3,000 169.39 Bladder Repair Kit Use these genuine replacement parts to repair Greer bladder accumulators. Repair kits include all seals required for bladder installation. Accumulator will require precharge of dry nitrogen before operation. Caution: Repair to any accumulator should be performed by a qualified technician Bladder & Seal Compound: Buna-N Max. Working Pressure: 3,000 psi Item No. Mfr. No. Bladder Size Net Price 100328619 702914 1 pt $345.72 100328624 702928 1 qt 376.65 112829455 E702942 150 in 414.49 100328634 702956 1 gal 461.56 100328639 702970 2 1/2 gal 474.98 100328644 702984 5 gal 763.12 100328649 702998 10 gal 1,177.36 100328659 703026 15 gal 1,458.05 Charging & Gauging Assembly Charging and gauging assembly consists of 10 ft charging hose with standard right-hand thread nitrogen fittings, adapter incorporating gas valve, bleeder valve and gas chuck. Features: Includes 3,000 psi gauge and a carrying case Item No. Mfr. No. Max. Working Pressure (psi) Net Price 100328496 1445953000 3,000 $496.59 Q. How do I know when to replace my hydraulic filter elements? A. The best way to determine when hydraulic filter elements need to be replaced is with a dirty element indicator installed in the filter. A dirty element indicator can be a simple pop-up visual indicator, or a differential pressure gauge (the pressure drop across the element increases as the element clogs up with dirt particles and you can read it on the pressure gauge installed on the filter head). Did You Know?

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