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804 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Hydraulic Products Item No. Mfr. No. Model No. Control Type NFPA Size Spool Flow Rate (gpm) Spool Metering Type Electrical Command Signal Net Price 101793520 5996526-001* KBSDG4V 5 92L 80 PE7 H7 10 Directional D05 21.13 Meter-In & Meter-Out +/- 10V $3,898.22 101636724 5996403-001 KBSDG4V 3 92L 40 M1 PE7 H7 11 Directional D05 10.60 Meter-In & Meter-Out +/- 10V 3,148.88 102201243 5995977-001 KBFDG4V 3 2C 20 NZM1 PE7 H7 11 Directional D03 5.28 Meter-In & Meter-Out +/- 10V 2,182.68 101658203 5996400-001 KBSDG4V 3 92L 12 M1 PE7 H7 11 Directional D03 3.17 Meter-In & Meter-Out +/- 10V 3,148.88 Vickers Proportional Valves Features: motion profiles Applications: and wind power applications High Performance Item No. Mfr. No. Model No. Control Type NFPA Size Spool Flow Rate (gpm) Spool Metering Type Electrical Command Signal Net Price 101652451 5995971-001* KBFDG4V 3 2C13N Z PE7 H7 10 Directional D03 3.43 Meter-In & Meter-Out +/- 10V $2,182.68 Features: two-stage valves Applications: testing equipment, die casting, entertainment, injection molding, press brake Servo Performance * Proportional Valves Proportional valves are used in applications where more precision is required to control speed, pressure or direction. Similar to a standard, spool-type, directional control valve, flow is directed from the inlet port to work ports. With the addition of electronic controls, the position of the spool is proportional to the input signal. The greater the signal, the further the spool travels, allowing for increase flow to pass to the work ports. Care should be used in selecting the correct valve for the application. As a rule of thumb, a 200 psi drop across the valve should be maintained. For greater control, use valves with electronic feedback to ensure spool position. D08 Valve Manifold, Parallel Circuit GoldSpec manifolds are the best option when adding additional functions or upgrades to your operation or organizing existing single mounted valves to reduce the number of connections and potential leak points. Features: both side and bottom porting Port A: SAE-16 Port P: SAE-16 Max. Pressure: 3000 psi NFPA D08/ISO 08 Parallel Circuit No. of Stations Common Cavity C-10-2 No Relief Cavity Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 2 101694113 M-8-A-02-RV $430.46 101645519 M-8-A-02 $410.10 3 101645520 M-8-A-03-RV 590.57 101639302 M-8-A-03 571.36 4 101687956 M-8-A-04-RV 803.65 101687564 M-8-A-04 714.83 D08 Cover Plate NFPA Size D08 / ISO 08 Item No. Mfr. No. Circuit Max. Pressure (psi) Net Price 101687957 C-8-A-CP Parallel Circuit 3,000 $71.73

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