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806 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Hydraulic Products Vickers SV Series Directional Valve Series SV**-8, SV**-10 Cavity C-*-4 Series SV**-8, SV**-10, SV**-12, SV**-16, SV**-20 Cavity C-8-2, C-10-2, C-12-2, C-20-2 Series SV**-8, SV**-10 Cavity C-*-4 Vickers solenoid valves are offered with the widest choice of flow paths and position options to satisfy most requirements. Includes cartridge only. Cartridge valve bodies, coils and seal kits are sold separately. Features: Caution: Operation: Solenoid Operated Max. Flow Max. Pressure (psi) Series Cavity Item No. Mfr. No. Model No. Valve Type Body Type Coil Type Seal Kit Buna Seal Kit Viton Net Price 6 5,000 SV11-10-3 C-10-3 101855892 02-175803 SV11-10-3-0-00 3-Way, Spool 2 B 889624 889688 $72.70 SV14-10-C C-10-2 101854787 02-175809 SV14-10-C-0-00 2-Way, Normally Closed Spool 1 B 565806 889627 60.35 SV14-10-O C-10-2 101856118 02-175811 SV14-10-O-0-00 2-Way, Normally Open Spool 1 B 566806 889627 67.19 12 5,000 SV13-10-C C-10-2 101855440 02-175805 SV13-10-C-0-00 2-Way, Normally Closed Poppet 1 B 565803 566086 77.41 SV13-10-O C-10-2 101854786 02-175813 SV13-10-O-0-00 2-Way, Normally Open Poppet 1 B 565803 566086 97.65 30 5,000 SV13-12-C C-12-2 101854453 02-175827 SV13-12-C-0-00 2-Way, Normally Closed Poppet 4 B 02-165889 02-165888 94.15 35 5,000 SV13-16-C C-16-2 101855441 02-175823 SV13-16-C-0-00 2-Way, Normally Closed Poppet 7 B 565810 889609 123.22 SV13-16-O C-16-2 101850848 02-175821 SV13-16-O-0-00 2-Way, Normally Open Poppet 7 B 565810 889609 143.33 60 3,000 SV13-20-O C-20-2 101896873 02-175817 SV13-20-O-0-00 2-Way, Normally Open Poppet 11 B 889615 889619 190.87 5,000 SV13-20-C C-20-2 101854641 02-175819 SV13-20-C-0-00 2-Way, Normally Closed Poppet 11 B 889615 889619 174.62 Screw-in Cartridge Valves Screw-in cartridge valves offer a unique approach in building a hydraulic circuit. Each cartridge can be either screwed into an individual body and plumbed inline or designed into a custom manifold block. Custom manifold blocks allow the system to be built using fewer fittings, reducing the chances for external leakage. Directional valves are mainly used to extend and retract cylinders or control the direction of a hydraulic motor. They can also be used in the system to control other functions. Flow controls adjust the amount of fluid that can pass the valve which can limit the speed of a cylinder or motor. Pressure-compensated flow controls adjust for pressure changes in the circuit and maintain a constant output flow. Flow dividers split flow from one source and divide it proportionally between two or more parts of a circuit. These can be used to have two cylinders extend at the same time or two motors to rotate at the same speed. Relief valves limit the maximum pressure in a system. These are mainly used to prevent high pressures from damaging system components and provide a way to vent fluid back to the reservoir. When these are used with a pressure-compensated pump, the pressure should be set above that of the pump compensator. Sequence valves allow fluid to pass once the inlet pressure to the valve reaches the preset pressure. These can be used to signal one cylinder to begin to stroke once another cylinder has completed an operation. Pressure-reducing valves only allow pressure to pass up to the preset level. These valves are ideal in high-pressure circuits that also require a portion of the system to operate at a lower pressure. Check valves allow full flow in one direction and prevent flow from returning in the opposite direction. Pilot-operated check valves also will allow free flow in one direction and prevent in the opposite direction until a pilot signal is applied which opens the valve to flow in both directions. These are commonly used to hold a vertical cylinder in the extended position. For safety reasons, any load should also employ a mechanical lock to prevent injury. Aluminum and steel bodies are available for individual inline mounting and should be matched to the body for the correct cartridge cavity. A selection of coils is available for most common voltages or for replacements. See page 807 for Vickers in-line cartridge valve bodies. See below for valve coils. SEE ALSO... Vickers Valve Coil for Cartridge Valve Features: eliminating need for extra seals Voltage Rating Connector Coil Type: B Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 12 VDC DIN 43650 102112164 300AA00121A $23.62 120 VAC DIN 43650 102111390 300AA00125A 34.49 24 VDC DIN 43650 102110411 300AA00122A 23.62 When selecting a coil from the below table, refer to SV Series directional valves above to check the coil type in the table. Product Tip

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