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808 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Hydraulic Products Electronically Adjustable Proportional Pressure Compensated Flow Control Features: spool fit with low leakage crack open and pressure compensation flow out of the CF and EX ports Options: compensated flow out of CF port fluid to move from the CF port to the inlet Item No. Mfr. No. Flow Setting (gpm) Net Price 100150022 EFC12-10-12 0 to 10 $351.38 100150040 EFC12-20-12 0 to 20 351.38 100148026 EFC12-30-12 0 to 30 351.38 Inline Flow Pressure and Check Valves Inline valves have the required ports machined in the body and connect to the system with hose or tubing. These valves can perform a variety of functions to operate a system properly. Needle and flow controls adjust the amount of fluid that can pass through the valve which can limit the speed of a cylinder or motor. Pressure-compensated flow controls adjust for pressure changes in the circuit and maintain a constant output flow. Flow dividers split flow from one source and divide it proportionally between two or more parts of a circuit. These can be used to have two cylinders extend at the same time or two motors to rotate at the same speed. Selector valves allow the one power source to operate two circuits at different times. They can also be used to select two different flows or pressures to control one circuit. Relief valves limit the maximum pressure in a system. These are mainly used to prevent high pressures from damaging system components and provide a way to vent fluid back to the reservoir. When these are used with a pressure-compensated pump, the pressure should be set above that of the pump compensator. Sequence valves allow fluid to pass once the inlet pressure to the valve reaches the preset pressure. These can be used to signal one cylinder to begin to stroke once another cylinder has completed an operation. Pressure-reducing valves only allow pressure to pass up to the preset level. These valves are ideal in high pressure circuits that also require a portion of the system to operate at a lower pressure. Check valves allow full flow in one direction and prevent flow from returning in the opposite direction. Pilot-operated check valves also will allow free flow in one direction and prevent in the opposite direction until a pilot signal is applied which opens the valve to flow in both directions. These are commonly used to hold a vertical cylinder in the extended position. For safety reasons, any load should also employ a mechanical lock to prevent injury. Air bleed valves should be located at the highest point in a system. Once the pump is turned on, the valve will purge air from the lines. The line to the reservoir should terminate below the oil level. Electronic Control Box Features: service center for special leads) Options: Operating Temperature: -40 F to 176 F Output Voltage: 12 VDC Nom. Output Current: 1 A Max. Output Current: 2 A Supply Voltage: 12.7 to 18 VDC Item No. Mfr. No. Mount Type LED Indicator Net Price 100150934 EC-12-02 Panel Mount No $287.01 100148340 EC-12-01 Wall Mount No 287.01 100150933 EC-12-01L Wall Mount Yes 299.96 Vickers Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve This type of relief valve is used to protect against pressure overloads. Pilot- operated valves have accurate pressure control even under conditions of wide variance in flow. Provides a way to adjust maximum system pressure and protects the hydraulic components from being overpressured. Port Size Max. Flow (gpm) Max. Pressure (psi) Pressure Adjustment Range (psi) Item No. Mfr. No. Model No. Net Price SAE-10 45 4,500 500 to 2,000 101645546 590411 CS-03-C-50 $575.04 1,500 to 3,000 101687592 590413 CS-03-F-50 599.24 SAE-12 60 4,500 500 to 2,000 101687591 572265 CS-06-C-50 532.76 1,500 to 3,000 101687989 572267 CS-06-F-50 548.82

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