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812 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Hydraulic Products DCF Series Directional Control Valve The DCF directional flow control valve combines the features of a four-way directional control valve, a full range pressure compensated by-pass type flow control valve and a pilot operated pressure relief valve, all in one compact package. This valve reduces the number of fittings, plumbing and potential leakage points in hydraulic circuits. The manual handle provides fine metering to either port. Flow to the work port is directly proportional to the movement of the lever. Flow out of each work port is constant regardless of load changes. This allows the customer to maintain smooth and constant movement of a cylinder or motor. Every DCF comes standard with a pilot operated relief. The tank port must be plumbed directly back to tank. Features: Max. Pressure: 3,000 psi No. of Levers: 1 Port Size: SAE-16 Actuation: Lever Handle, B Port Active When Handle is Pushed Positioner Spool Description Spool: 30 gpm Spool: 45 gpm Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price Ball Friction Detent Fine Metering 100148014 DCF16M304LF1 $437.32 100148019 DCF16M454LF1 $437.32 Spring Center Tandem Metering 100149981 DCF16TM304LS 437.32 100148022 DCF16TM454LS 437.32 Log Splitter Valve The log splitter valve is an open-center valve featuring manual control in the forward position with pressure-operated kickout to return the handle to neutral automatically at the end of the return stroke. Valve Type: 4-Way, 3 Position Positioner: Detent Max. Pressure: 2,000 psi Max. Flow: 30 gpm Item No. Mfr. No. Port Size Work Ports Net Price 101835509 SCD2E 3/4 in NPT 1/2 in NPT $160.61 Inverted bracket mounting. In-Line Monoblock Valve Rugged, manual valve that allows the operator to control direction of a cylinder, motor or rotary actuator. This monoblock valve is single lever operated with parallel port configuration. Features: Rated Flow: 18 gal/min Max. Pressure: 3,000 psi No. of Levers: 1 Positioner Spool Description Item No. Mfr. No. Port Size Work Ports Net Price Spring Center Closed Center 100149555 AO755C4JS 3/4 in NPT 1/2 in NPT $116.01 Tandem Center 100147972 AO755T4JS 3/4 in NPT 1/2 in NPT 116.01 Spring Center, Adjustable Relief Open Center 100149595 AO755O4JRS a 3/4 in NPT 1/2 in NPT 134.28 Tandem Center 100147971 AO755T4JRS a 3/4 in NPT 1/2 in NPT 134.28 100149529 AO120T4JRS SAE-12 SAE-10 134.28 Three-Position Detent, Adjustable Relief Open Center 100149589 AO755O4JRD 3/4 in NPT 1/2 in NPT 146.25 Tandem Center 100148105 AO755T4JRD a 3/4 in NPT 1/2 in NPT 146.25 a Adjustable relief. Selector Valve Selects direction of flow between two hydraulic operations. Will operate two single-acting cylinders with one three-way control valve. Features: SVS SSD Item No. Mfr. No. Max. Flow (gpm) Max. Pressure (psi) Port Size (in) Port Type Net Price 101882780 SVS2 20 2,500 1/2 NPT $60.53 101835496 SVS4 40 2,500 3/4 NPT 80.97 101859131 SSD4 40 2,500 1 NPT 131.67 SVS SSD

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