Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page 821 Hydraulic Products

821 Hydraulic Products All Things Industrial SM Refer to these illustrations for examples of terms used for cylinder components and dimensions Bore Diameter = Body I.D. Ports Rod Diameter Rod End Cushions Stroke Length Seals Mounting Aspects (Head Rectangular Flange Shown) Cap End Head End TYPICAL CYLINDER COMPONENTS Hydraulic Cylinders Hydraulic cylinders convert fluid power energy into linear mechanical energy. As pressurized fluid enters the cap end of a cylinder, the fluid force pushes on the piston extending the piston rod creating a linear force. As pressurized fluid enters the rod end of the cylinder, the fluid force pushes on the piston, retracting the piston rod. The retracting force in a single rod cylinder will always be less than the extending force since the area of the piston available for fluid to act on is reduced by the size of the piston rod. Mobile /AG cylinders are economical but are limited to sizes and styles available. Industrial NFPA interchangeable cylinders are manufactured to order and offer a wide range of bore, rod and mounting combinations. The size and style of a hydraulic cylinder will vary depending on the application and load requirements.

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