Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page 84 Safety Products

84 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Safety Products Economy Brass Series Padlock Features: Case hardened shackle resists sawing and filing Brass body and cylinder provide extra resistance to the elements Four-pin tumbler cylinder helps prevent picking Shackle Length: 13/16 in Shackle Width: 13/16 in Shackle Dia.: 1/4 in Body Width: 1 1/2 in Lock Type: Keyed Different Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 102129851 4140 $5.04 Magnum Padlocks Features: Stainless steel cover for exceptional weatherability Laminated steel body for superior strength Chrome plated octagonal boron carbide shackle Dual ball bearing locking mechanism Four-pin cylinder prevents picking Shackle Length (in) Shackle Width (in) Shackle Dia. (in) Body Width (in) Keyed Alike Keyed Different Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price 1 13/16 5/16 1 3/4 - - 113909778 M1STS $12.59 15/16 3/8 2 113909781 M5KASTS $16.54 113909784 M5STS 15.63 1 1/2 13/16 5/16 1 3/4 113909773 M1KALFSTS 14.91 113909776 M1LFSTS 13.99 15/16 3/8 2 113909779 M5KALFSTS 17.86 113909782 M5LFSTS 16.97 2 1/2 13/16 5/16 1 3/4 113909774 M1KALJSTS 15.12 113909777 M1LJSTS 14.33 15/16 3/8 2 113909780 M5KALJSTS 18.23 113909783 M5LJSTS 17.31 Safety Lockout Padlock Features: High visibility, baked on powder-coated finish stays bright Compliance with "One Employee, One Lock, One Key" directive High security, reserved for safety cylinder Key retaining ensures that padlock is not left unlocked Keyed different, six-pin tumbler with over 40,000 available key changes Also available keyed alike - master keyed Shackle Width: 1 1/2 in Shackle Dia.: 1/4 in Body Width: 1 1/2 in Lock Type: Keyed Different Item No. Mfr. No. Shackle Length (in) Net Price 111158651 S6835RED 1 $12.58 111158652 S6835LFRED 1 1/2 14.33 111166893 S6835LTRED 3 14.60 Safety Lockout Features: Tamper-resistant, scissor-style, steel lockout hasps Allows for lockout by up to six workers Item No. Mfr. No. Jaw Dia. (in) Net Price 102159988 420 1 $5.61 102156328 421 1 1/2 6.48 Zenex Light Weight Padlock Features: Bright molded-in colors for durability and easy identification Special trilingual safety lockout markings and labels Nonconductive Zenex body Extra long standard steel shackle for added versatility Six-pin tumbler cylinder for greater security Key-retaining feature ensures that padlocks are not left unlocked Custom laser engraving available Shackle Width: 25/32 in Shackle Dia.: 1/4 in Body Width: 1 1/2 in Body Height: 1 3/4 in Lock Type: Keyed Different Item No. Mfr. No. Shackle Length (in) Net Price 101842996 410RED 1 1/2 $13.27 101892870 410LTRED 3 15.28 Adjustable Cable Lockout Features: Patented 5/32" (4 mm) diameter x 6 ft (1.83 m) pull tight cable adjusts for a secure fit every time Integrated safety hasp and cable is ideal for multiple circuit breaker panel and side- by-side gate valve lockouts Tough, flexible multi-stranded steel cable is insulated with a clear plastic coating (PVC free) Feed the cable end through the points to be locked out, then back through the lockout body Cinch it tight to remove any slack with the patented locking feature Tough, lightweight thermoplastic body withstands chemicals Includes high visibility, reusable, write-on safety labels (English, French and Spanish) Identify the responsible person, then erase for the next job Replaces 8611 adjustable cable lockout Item No. Mfr. No. Color Shackle Size (in) Cable Length (in) Cable Dia. (in) Net Price 105538046 S806 Red 5/16 6 5/32 $23.22

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