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89 All Things Industrial SM Safety Products Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves Features: Coating: Biodegradable Nitrile Best Nitrile Plus Disposable Gloves Whenever you require more thickness in an industrial grade disposable nitrile glove, Best Nitrile 8500PF is your answer. The 8500PF is 2x the thickness of Showa's Best Nitrile 7500PF and has the strength to handle tougher jobs. This glove is 8 mils thick and has a smooth finish for tactile sensitivity, a rolled cuff for easy Glove Type: Disposable Nitrile, Powder Free Pkg. Qty.: 50 Item No. Mfr. No. Size Net Price 111036254 8500PFS Small $12.50 111036255 8500PFM Medium 12.50 111036256 8500PFL Large 12.50 111036257 8500PFXL X-Large 12.50 Best Latex Disposable Gloves Powder-free, class 1, medical device, latex disposable gloves. These natural color, textured grip, premium disposable gloves offer an excellent barrrier of protection without compromising tactile sensitivity. The 5005PF series for added strength and protection in the cuff area. Glove Type: Disposable Latex, Powder Free Pkg. Qty.: 100 Item No. Mfr. No. Size Net Price 111036295 5005PFS Small $10.73 111036296 5005PFM Medium 10.73 111036297 5005PFL Large 10.73 111036298 5005PFXL X-Large 10.73 Nitri-Solve Chemical Resistant Gloves Made from Showa's special nitrile (NBR) compound, Nitri- Solve provides excellent protection against abrasion, puncture, cut and snag and resistance to a broad range of solvents, animal fats and other chemicals. Permeation testing shows that Nitri-Solve 's chemical resistance is equal to or better than that of any other similar nitrile glove. Nitri-Solve 's case hardened inish enhances both chemical and abrasion resistance and makes it easy to pull on and off. A bisque finish grip makes wet work easier and safer, and Nitri-Solve 's ergonomic design maximizes comfort. Nitri-Solve is available in flock lined and unlined styles in varying thicknesses and lengths for a wide range of applications. Each hand is embossed with glove size for ease of pairing after laundering. Material: Nitrile Glove Type: Chemical-Resistant Size Flock Lining Unlined Lining Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price Item No. Mfr. No. Net Price X-Large 111036534 730-10 $2.07 111036528 727-10 $2.07 2X-Large 111036535 730-11 2.07 111036529 727-11 2.07 Best Chem Master Neoprene Over Natural Rubber Gloves For a good resistance to a broad range of chemicals, Chem Master features a neoprene-over-natural rubber construction that also provides excellent abrasion, tear and puncture resistance. This comfortable, flexible and tactile sensitive glove has a self-flushing tractor tread grip that encourages run off of fluids that are often trapped by a diamond shaped embossed pattern, reducing gripping effectiveness. Worker comfort is enhanced by the glove's 100% cotton flock lining. Glove size is embossed on each hand. Material: Neoprene-over-Natural Rubber Glove Type: Chemical-Resistant Lining: Cotton Flock Item No. Mfr. No. Size Net Price 111036509 CHMYL-09 Large $2.76 111036510 CHMYXL-10 X-Large 2.76 Best Neoprene & Neo Grab Neoprene Coated Gloves The world's first wet grip neoprene glove. This launderable glove is multidipped in premium-grade neoprene for superior quality and durability and provides protection against acids, caustics, oils, greases and many solvents. It provides excellent all-around protection against physical hazards such as abrasion and cut. Heavy weight styles have a cotton liner. Industrial weight styles have a lighter coating for increased flexibility. Material: Neoprene Glove Type: Chemical-Resistant Item No. Mfr. No. Size Style Net Price 111036489 6784-10 Large Smooth Grip $9.18 111036492 6784R-10 Large Rough Grip 9.23 Smooth Grip Rough Grip Item No. Mfr. No. Size Net Price 112584390 6110PFXS X-Small $9.83 112584388 6110PFS Small 9.83 112584387 6110PFM Medium 9.83 112584386 6110PFL Large 9.83 112584389 6110PFXL X-Large 9.83 112584391 6110PFXXL 2X-Large 9.83

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