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92 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Safety Products Zorb-IT Ultimate Cut-Resistant Gloves Zorb-IT Ultimate is a sponge nitrile-coated Zorb-IT product line from Showa Best Glove. This glove has Maximum Oil Absorbency (MXOA). This shallow-dipped glove brings new levels of form fitting comfort and cut resistance, thanks to a cut-resistant shell made from DuPont Kevlar fibers spun with stretchable, breathable Lycra . Its sponge nitrile technology absorbs oil and water to deliver the same superior grip and handling in wet or oily applications that it does in dry applications. Whether you're handling small, sharp parts or changing out blades and cutting instruments, Zorb-IT Ultimate is the ultimate in advanced, cut-resistant nitrile coated hand protection. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Compliances: Material: Nitirile Cuff Type: Knitwrist Glove Type: Cut-Resistant Item No. Mfr. No. Size Net Price 111036846 4560-07 Small $7.01 111036847 4560-08 Medium 7.01 111036848 4560-09 Large 7.01 111036849 4560-10 X-Large 7.01 111036850 4560-11 2X-Large 7.84 ATLAS Grip KV300 Cut-Resistant Gloves This cut-resistant glove provides excellent resistance to cuts while the durable natural latex coating provides high flexibility and durability. This high performing glove is excellent where there is a risk of cut, abrasion and puncture injury. The coated portion of the glove provides exceptional puncture resistance. The knuckles are uncoated to provide more flexibility and cool comfortable wearing. If you are faced with hazardous and dirty conditions, this glove will protect and provide the grip Compliances: Material: DuPont Kevlar Coating: Natural Rubber Glove Type: Cut-Resistant Item No. Mfr. No. Size Net Price 111036826 KV300S-07 Small $9.79 111036827 KV300M-08 Medium 9.79 111036828 KV300L-09 Large 9.79 111036829 KV300XL-10 X-Large 9.79 111036830 KV300XXL-11 2X-Large 9.79 AEGIS KVS4 Cut- Resistant Gloves The AEGIS KVS4 combines a level 4 cut-resistant liner with Showa's durable, sponge nitrile Zorb-IT palm coating. The blend of DuPont Kevlar , stainless steel and polyester provides comfortable cut resistance. The innovative composition of the high performance liner and the sponge nitrile technology coating affords the wearer excellent protection in applications where oil and sharp edges are prevalent. Additionally, the AEGIS KVS4 provides durable resistance to abrasions, snags and punctures. The AEGIS KVS4 provides elevated cut protection without compromising breathability and flexibility. Let AEGIS KVS4 shield your hands from sharp edges and oily surfaces. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Compliances: Material: Kevlar Stainless Steel Coating: Nitrile Glove Type: Cut-Resistant Item No. Mfr. No. Size Net Price 111036806 250-07 Small $14.58 111036807 250-08 Medium 14.58 111036808 250-09 Large 14.58 111036809 250-10 X-Large 14.58 111036810 250-11 2X-Large 14.58 S-TEX 300 Cut-Resistant Gloves A high performing glove featuring Showa's patented Hagane Coil fiber technology, which combines excellent cut resistance with unmatched comfort and dexterity. The Hi-Viz yellow seamless liner is engineered with a stainless steel core that provides the wearer with extra protection against cuts and lacerations with increased visibility. The wrinkled natural rubber palm coating allows for great wet/ dry grip and enhanced durability. An open back design Compliances: Material: Hagane Coil Fiber Coating: Natural Rubber Glove Type: Cut-Resistant Item No. Mfr. No. Size Net Price 111036871 S-TEX300S-07 Small $10.48 111036872 S-TEX300M-08 Medium 10.48 111036873 S-TEX300L-09 Large 10.48 111036874 S-TEX300XL-10 X-Large 10.48 S-TEX 303 Cut-Resistant Gloves Featuring Showa's patented Hagane Coil fiber technology, the S-TEX 303 provides excellent cut resistance with unmatched dexterity. The combination of a stainless steel core and DuPont Kevlar 's proven cut resistance results in the ultimate hand protection from cuts and lacerations. The open back design offers comfort and flexibility. The natural rubber palm coating ensures excellent wet/dry grip. Compliances: Material: DuPont Kevlar , Hagane Coil Fiber Coating: Natural Rubber Glove Type: Cut-Resistant Item No. Mfr. No. Size Net Price 111036875 S-TEX303S-07 Small $16.42 111036876 S-TEX303M-08 Medium 16.42 111036877 S-TEX303L-09 Large 16.42 111036878 S-TEX303XL-10 X-Large 16.42 Looking for something not shown in the catalog? Applied has a wide range of supplies to meet your needs. Give us a call today, and we'll be happy to assist you. Don't Forget...

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