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95 Safety Products All Things Industrial Foam Wall Ultra-Containment Berm Features: Capture nuisance leaks and spills from vehicles, oily equipment, tanks and drums Soft foam sidewall easily compresses for convenient loading and off-loading Choose from several standard sizes to meet your spill containment needs - custom sizes also available Low, 4" sidewall contains spills and keeps plant floors and soil free from contamination No set-up required - simply unfold for quick deployment; folded units require minimal storage space 24 mil PVC withstands the rigors of industrial and construction applications Material: PVC Compliances: LEED solution SPCC compliant Item No. Mfr. No. Length (ft) Width (ft) Depth (in) Capacity (gal) Wt. (lb) Net Price 111171638 8460 6 4 60 27 $421.97 111171630 8461 8 4 159 51 704.74 111171622 8462 16 12 4 479 96 1,296.82 111171632 8463 35 12 4 1,047 182 2,296.75 111171633 8464 50 12 4 1,496 248 2,992.60 Ultra-Hard Top Spill Pallets 9641 Material: Polyethylene P1 Plus Spill One Drum Pallet Features: The only one drum, lockable outdoor containment unit available This two-piece spill containment unit provides safe and secure outdoor storage for your 55 gallon drum Simply use your forklift and/or drum handling equipment to lift and lower the drum into the bottom sump, then place the top portion over the drum where it locks in place onto the lower sump portion Once assembled with the drum in place, access is quick and easy via the roll top door The top hard top section does not need to be removed again unless the drum needs to be replaced Convenient "roll top" cover slides up and out of the way - allows quick access to drum pumps and funnels 100% polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode Safe handling - can be moved by forklift under the "shoulder" area or wheeled with the optional dolly Meets SPCC and EPA container storage regulation 40 CFR 264.175 Tall head space (25 3/4") allows use with drum pumps and conical funnels Lightweight, yet rugged upper body is easily removed to load or unload drums Lockable design provides added security for storage of hazardous materials Optional dolly offers safe and efficient material handling Item No. Mfr. No. Color No. of Drums Capacity (gal) Height (in) Length (in) Width (in) Net Price 111102886 9641 Yellow 1 70 66 36 $576.86 The Ultra-Hard Top Plus Spill Pallet provides a safe, convenient and effective place to store (1) or (2) 55 gallon drums. The roll top doors above and swing out doors below provide complete and easy access to the inside spill containment area. Simply place your drums inside of the unit with your drum handling equipment or with our optional ramp. Close the doors and you are done. Your drums are protected from the elements and unauthorized access (the unit can be locked) and your property is protected from spills or leaks. 9613 P2 Plus Spill 2 Drum Pallet Features: Tall 23 3/4" head space easily accommodates rotary drum pumps and large conical funnels Low profile (8 3/4") containment pallet positions drum top funnels at a safe, convenient level to pour hazardous wastes Meets SPCC and EPA container storage regulation 40 CFR 264.175 spill containment regulations 100% polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode "Swing out" lower doors provide full access to drums for loading and unloading - optional ramp features non-slip surface Compact loading ramp stores neatly inside when not in use - even when loaded with two 55 gallon drums Simply lift from waist-level to raise the roll-top cover - no need to bend over and reach near ground level as required by alternative products Ultra-Hard Top P2 Plus Spill Pallet is lockable with a standard padlock, and can be safely lifted by forklift with drums in place Item No. Mfr. No. Color No. of Drums Capacity (gal) Height (in) Length (in) Width (in) Net Price 111102574 9613 Yellow 2 66 74 41 1/2 67 1/4 $1,351.90 Continued on next page.

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