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96 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Safety Products 9637 P4 Plus Spill Four Drum Pallet Features: Outdoor secondary containment storage system keeps the elements out while providing convenient access to drums All polyethylene units feature a weather proof design, allowing secure outdoor storage of hazardous materials and wastes Hinged covers are easily opened by one person perfect for satellite waste collection Drums and collection sump remain clean and dry free of rain water, debris and other contaminants 66 gallon containment capacity meets EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations Drums are positioned on a deck above the sump area, elevated from any spilled or leaked materials Deck grates are removable for easy cleaning of sump area UV inhibitor in polyethylene resin resists degrading effects of sunlight, adding years to outdoor service life Applications include storage of virgin chemicals, drum dispensing, hazardous waste collection and storage of spill response materials Item No. Mfr. No. Color No. of Drums Capacity (gal) Height (in) Length (in) Width (in) Net Price 111102731 9637 Yellow 4 75 79 62 64 1/2 $2,114.08 Ramp Item No. Mfr. No. Color Height (in) Length (in) Width (in) Net Price 111102727 0676 Black 8 3/4 55 28 1/2 $338.14 Collapsible Wall Ultra-Containment Berm Features: The Collapsible Wall Ultra-Containment Berm features an economical design that sets up quickly and provides secure containment PVC sidewall assemblies provide sturdy support for the containment area but are quickly lowered for easy access Simply swivel the "feet" of the PVC supports to lower or raise the sidewalls in just seconds Great for spill containment of large quantities of drums, vehicles, frac tanks or other larger containers Rugged materials provide years of service and excellent chemical compatibility Add the Ultra-Self Bailer to keep rain water out of the Spill Containment Berm - rainwater drains from the berm passiviely but will automatically shutoff if there is a spill Custom sizes available Material: CP2K Compliances: Meets SPCC and EPA container storage regulation 40 CFR 264.175 Item No. Mfr. No. Length (ft) Width (ft) Depth (ft) Capacity (gal) Wt. (lb) Net Price 111102728 8405 6 4 1 179 43 $730.38 111102797 8403 6 1 269 56 909.64 111102880 8400 10 10 1 748 70 1,390.28 112236307 8555 20 12 1 1,795 103 2,706.95 112236309 8557 40 12 1 3,590 183 4,738.00 111102726 8402 66 15 1 7,405 420 6,830.50 Rigid-Lock QuickBerm Features: Safe, drive-in spill containment for drums, IBC totes and tanks Single-piece construction - patented Rigid-Lock wall support system integral to berm provides unobstructed work space Quick and easy setup - no assembly required Durable modified PVC coated fabric withstands long term UV exposure - great for outdoor use Material: Modified PVC Coated Fabric Item No. Mfr. No. Length (ft) Width (ft) Depth (in) Capacity (gal) Wt. (lb) Net Price 111733466 28512 6 4 12 175 28 $456.32 111733468 28516 8 6 12 355 38 664.58 111733470 28519 10 10 12 745 60 983.41 Ultra-Hard Top Spill Pallets Continued from previous page. Several products featured in this catalog are listed in condensed form. Complete catalogs and specifications are available upon request from your local Applied service center. Don't Forget...

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