Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page i18 Technical Reference

i18 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at V-Belt Systems TYPE OF FAILURE POSSIBLE CAUSE OF FAILURE CORRECTIVE ACTION Excessive edge wear Excessive tooth wear Uneven tooth wear Apparent belt stretch Cracks in backing Tooth shear Tensile failure Excessive drive noise Tooth skipping (ratcheting) Belt tracking Excessive sprocket/sheave wear Excessive drive vibration Belt hitting obstruction Remove obstruction or use idler to reroute belt Excessive load Redesign drive Belt overtensioned Use tensioning gauge to set proper tension Belt undertensioned Use tensioning gauge to set proper tension Rough or damaged sprocket/sheave Replace sprocket/sheave Misalignment Align shafts and sprockets/sheaves Worn sprocket/sheave Replace sprocket/sheave Sprocket out of tolerance Replace sprocket/sheave; never attempt to remachine Soft sprocket/sheave material Use harder sprocket/sheave material Debris in sprocket/sheave or drive Shield drive Center distance changed Check lock down bolts on motors and shafts Weak drive structure Reinforce drive structure Excessive low temperature Moderate temperature especially at startup Excessive high temperature Moderate temperature, shield drive Exposure to oil, solvents, chemicals Shield drive, eliminate chemicals Sprocket diameter sub minimum Redesign drive to increased sprocket/sheave diameters Back side idler Redesign to reduce wrap on backside idler Shock loading Eliminate shock loading or redesign drive to handle it Less than six teeth in mesh Increase wrap on sprocket/sheave Excessive sprocket/sheave runout Replace sprocket/sheave Damage due to handling Replace product, don't crimp belt or drop sprockets/sheaves Vibrating bearings/mountings Replace bearings or reinforce mountings Center distance greater than 8x small sprocket/sheave diameter Alignment is critical Sprocket/sheave not properly balanced Check sprocket/sheave balance PRIMARY CAUSE POSSIBLE CAUSE COULD CAUSE BUT NOT LIKELY Troubleshooting Belts

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