Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page i28 Technical Reference

i28 Call your local Applied service center to order at 1-866-351-3464 or visit us online at Overheating of Oil in System Possible Causes: Remedy: Operator holds control valves in power position too long, causing relief valve to open. Return control lever to neutral position when not in use. Using incorrect oil. Use oil recommended by manufacturer. Be sure oil viscosity is correct. Low oil level. Fill reservoir. Look for leaks. Dirty oil. Drain and refill with clean oil. Look for source of contamination and replace filters. Engine running too fast. Reset governor or reduce throttle. Incorrect relief valve pressure. Check pressure and clean or replace relief valves. Internal component oil leakage. Examine and test valves, cylinders, motors, etc. for external and internal leaks. If wear is abnormal, try to locate cause. Restriction in pump suction line. Clean or replace. Dented, obstructed or undersized oil lines. Replace defective or undersized oil lines. Remove obstructions. Oil cooler malfunctioning. Clean or repair. Control valve stuck open. Free all spools so that they return to neutral position. Heat not radiating properly. Clean dirt and mud from reservoir, oil lines, coolers, and other components. Automatic unloading control inoperative (if equipped). Repair valve. System Operates Slowly Possible Causes: Remedy: Cold oil. Allow oil to warm up before operating machine. Oil viscosity too heavy. Use oil recommended by the manufacturer. Insufficient engine speed. Refer to operator's manual for recommended speed. If machine has a governor, it may need adjustment. Low oil supply. Check reservoir and add oil if necessary. Check system for leaks that could cause loss of oil. Adjustable orifice restricted too much. Back out orifice and adjust it. Check machine specifications for proper setting. Air in system. Check suction side of the system for leaks. Badly worn pump. Repair or replace pump. Check for problems causing pump wear such as misalignment or contaminated oil. Restriction in suction line or filter. Suction line could be dirty or have inner walls that are collapsing to cut off oil supply. Clean or replace suction line. Examine filter for plugging. Relief valves not properly set or leaking. Test relief valves to make sure they are opening at their rated pressure. Examine valves for damaged seats that could leak. Badly worn components. Examine and test valves, motors, cylinders, etc. for external and internal leaks. If wear is abnormal, try to locate the cause. Valve or regulators plugged. Clean dirt from components. Clean orifices. Check for source of dirt and correct. Oil leak in pressure lines. Tighten fittings or replace defective lines. Examine mating surfaces on couplers for irregularities. Components not properly adjusted. Refer to machine technical manual for proper adjustment of components. Fluid Power General Troubleshooting

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