Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page i29 Technical Reference

All Things Industrial i29 System Operates Too Fast Possible Causes: Remedy: Adjustable orifice installed backward or not installed. Install orifice parts correctly and adjust. Obstruction or dirt under seat of orifice. Remove foreign material. Readjust orifice. Overspeeding of engine. Refer to operator's manual for recommended speed. If machine has a governor, it may need adjustment. Foaming of Oil in System Possible Causes: Remedy: Low oil level. Fill reservoir. Look for leaks. Drain and replace oil. Water in oil. Check filler breather on reservoir. Heat exchanger may be cracked. Wrong kind of oil being used. Use oil recommended by manufacturer. Air leak in line from reservoir to pump. Tighten or replace suction line. Kink or dent in oil lines. Replace oil lines. Worn pump shaft seal. Clean sealing area and replace seal. Check oil for contamination or pump for misalignment. Pump Makes Noise Possible Causes: Remedy: Low oil level. Fill reservoir. Check system for leaks. Oil viscosity too high. Change to lighter oil. Pump speed too fast. Operate pump at recommended speed. Suction line plugged or pinched. Clean or replace line between reservoir and pump. Sludge and dirt in pump. Disassemble and inspect pump and lines. Clean hydraulic system. Determine cause of dirt. Reservoir air vent plugged. Remove breather cap, flush, and clean air vent. Air in oil. Tighten or replace suction line. Check system for leaks. Replace pump shaft seal. Worn or scored pump bearings or shafts. Replace worn parts or complete pump if parts are badly worn or scored. Determine cause of scoring. Inlet screen plugged. Clean screen. Broken or damaged pump parts. Repair pump. Look for cause of damage such as contamination or too much pressure. Sticking or binding parts. Repair binding parts. Clean parts and change oil if necessary. Pump Leaks Oil Possible Causes: Remedy: Damaged seal around drive shaft. Tighten packing or replace seal. Trouble may be caused by contaminated oil. Check oil for abrasives and clean entire hydraulic system. Try to locate source of contamination. Check the pump drive shaft. Misalignment could cause the seal to wear. If shaft is not aligned, check the pump for other damage. Loose or broken pump parts. Make sure all bolts and fittings are tight. Check gaskets. Examine pump castings for cracks. If pump is cracked, look for a cause like too much pressure or hoses that are attached incorrectly. Fluid Power General Troubleshooting

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