Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page i31 Technical Reference

All Things Industrial i31 Lines Line, Working (Main) Line, Pilot or Drai n Flow Direction Hydraulic Pneumatic Lines Crossing Lines Joining Lines With Fixed Restriction Line, Flexible Station,Testing, e Measurement or Power Tak a e-Off Variable Component (run arrow through symbol at 45) Pressure Compensated Units (Arrow parallel to short side of symbol ) Temperature Cause or e Effect Reservoir Vented e Pressurized Line, T o T Reservoir Above Fluid Level Below Fluid Level Vented Manifol d e Miscellaneous Units Cooler Temperature Controller e Filter, r Strainer Pressure Switch Pressure Indicator Temperature Indicator e Component Enclosure Direction of Shaft Rotation (assume arrow on near side of shaft) Methods of Operation Spring Manual Push Button Push-Pull Lever Pedal or e Treadl e r Mechanical Detent Pressure Compensated Hydraulic Pumps Fixed Displacement Variable Displacement Motors and Cylinders Hydraulic Fixed Displacement Variable Displacement Cylinder, r Single-Acting Cylinder, r Double-Acting Single End Rod Double End Rod Adjustable Cushion Advance Only Differential Piston Miscellaneous Units Electric Motor Accumulator, r Spring Loaded Accumulator, r Gas Charged Heater Hydraulic Symbols

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