Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page i31 Technical Reference

Hydraulic Symbols All Things Industrial SM i31 Lines Line, Working (Main) Line, Pilot or Drain Flow Direction Hydraulic Pneumatic Lines Crossing Lines Joining Lines With Fixed Restriction Line, Flexible Station,Testing, Measurement or Power Tak a e-Off Variable Component (run arrow through symbol at 45) Pressure Compensated Units (Arrow parallel to short side of symbol) Temperature Cause or Effect Reservoir Vented Pressurized Line, T o T Reservoir Above Fluid Level Below Fluid Level Vented Manifold Miscellaneous Units Cooler Temperature Controller Filter, r Strainer Pressure Switch Pressure Indicator Temperature Indicator Component Enclosure Direction of Shaft Rotation (assume arrow on near side of shaft) Methods of Operation Spring Manual Push Button Push-Pull Lever Pedal or Treadle Mechanical Detent Pressure Compensated Hydraulic Pumps Fixed Displacement Variable Displacement Motors and Cylinders Hydraulic Fixed Displacement Variable Displacement Cylinder, r Single-Acting Cylinder, r Double-Acting Single End Rod Double End Rod Adjustable Cushion Advance Only Differential Piston Miscellaneous Units Electric Motor Accumulator, r Spring Loaded Accumulator, r Gas Charged Heater

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